The Benefits of 24V Trolling Batteries for Boating and Fishing


Are you an angler or a boating enthusiast? If so, you understand that good equipment is crucial for a successful day on the water. One key component that significantly impacts your fishing and boating experience is the battery powering your trolling motor. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of 24V trolling batteries, a must-have for anyone serious about maximizing their time spent boating and fishing. So, buckle up and dive into this comprehensive guide on 24V trolling batteries, guaranteed to make a noticeable splash on your angling expeditions.


1. Enhanced Power and Longer Run Time:

One of the primary benefits of employing a 24V trolling battery is the increased power it provides compared to a 12V battery. With a 24V system, you effectively double the power by wiring two 12V batteries in series, which results in a higher voltage and longer run time. This enhanced power enables you to move through strong currents, windy conditions, and even handle larger boats with ease. No longer will you be hindered by a lack of power or a quickly draining battery—the 24V setup keeps the good times rolling for much longer.

24V 100Ah Marine Battery - Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

2. Quieter Operation for Better Fishing Results:

Fishing enthusiasts know that silent operation is critical to avoid scaring away fish. The added power from the 24V battery allows your trolling motor to pull your boat along without straining. This not only reduces noise and vibrations but also contributes to a stealthier fishing experience. With a 24V setup, you have a better chance of sneaking up on even the most elusive fish, increasing your overall catch rate.


3. Improved Power-to-Weight Ratio:

Imagine you have a boat with limited space, and you cannot afford to carry too many accessories or equipment. The beauty of a 24V trolling battery lies in its ability to provide improved power output without adding extra weight. Its efficient performance means that you get more power per pound, making it a practical option for boats with limited capacity. The result is a smoother, more efficient, and enjoyable boating experience.


4. Extended Life and Durability:

Trolling motors with 24V battery systems are built to withstand the rigors of regular use. The batteries themselves are also made of high-quality materials and have a longer discharge cycle, ensuring they last longer and hold up well over time. You can trust your 24V battery to get you through many fishing trips, helping you enjoy your time on the water without fear of sudden failures or constant replacements.


5. Compatibility and Options:

Regardless of whether you own a small or large boat, trolling motors with a 24V system are compatible with a wide range of boats and vessels. Additionally, many popular trolling motor brands offer 24V options for their motors, making it convenient for you to find a suitable one. Upgrading your trolling motor or battery to 24V also gives you access to many advanced features, such as better speed control, more precise steering, and improved GPS functionalities.



To sum up, investing in a 24V trolling battery for your boating and fishing expeditions can genuinely prove to be a game-changer. With its enhanced power, longer run time, quiet operation, improved power-to-weight ratio, and compatibility, you can trust your boat to glide through the waters effortlessly, letting you focus on landing the big catch. Although upgrading to a 24V system may require some modifications or additional costs, the benefits are well worth it. Take your fishing and boating experiences up a notch by giving 24V trolling batteries a shot, and let the good times roll.