Take Advantage of These Amazing Military Discounts Today!


Shopping for everyday items can be expensive, especially if you’re on a budget. Fortunately, military personnel and their families have access to exclusive discounts on just about anything they need. From food to clothing and more, these discounts help service members save money while they’re shopping. Let’s take a look at some of the ways best military discounts can save money through discounts.

Food Discounts

One of the best places for military personnel to find savings is at the grocery store. Many popular grocery stores offer military discounts ranging from 5-15% off your purchase when you show your military ID. For example, Kroger offers 10% off all items in-store every Monday for active duty, veterans and their family members with a valid ID. Food Lion also offers a 10% discount every Wednesday to active and retired service members with an approved form of identification. Not only will you find savings on groceries this way, but you may also come across other great deals too!



Clothing Discounts

It pays to shop around for clothing – especially for those in the armed forces. Various retail stores like Macy’s offer up to 25% off apparel and accessories when you show your military ID card or proof of service at checkout. Popular outdoor gear brands like The North Face also provide exclusive discounts year-round – perfect for stocking up before heading out into the field! Additionally, many shoe retailers have special rates available for anyone who has served or is currently serving in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces – so don’t forget to ask about any special deals when shopping around!

Online Discounts

Shopping online is often cheaper than buying in store – especially when it comes to finding good deals on tech gadgets and home goods. Companies like Dell offer special discounts on select products throughout the year specifically designed for those who are currently serving or have served in our nation’s armed forces. Apple also offers special pricing on iPhones, iPads, Applecare+ protection plans and more as part of their “Military Appreciation Program” – making it easy for troops to stay connected no matter where they are stationed overseas!  Other online retailers like Amazon Prime also provide exclusive membership benefits that include free shipping & delivery within two days or less on eligible items – perfect for busy professionals who don’t have time wait at home all day waiting for packages arrive! Finally, you can even find discounted travel rates through sites like Expedia or Travelocity when booking hotels & flights – saving hundreds (or even thousands) per trip depending on where you’re headed!

Military personnel have plenty of opportunities to save money while shopping online or in store thanks to a variety of exclusive discounts offered by leading retailers nationwide – from food & clothing outlets all the way up tech giants like Dell & Apple! With just a few clicks or showing your ID card at checkout, you can start enjoying big savings today so be sure make use these amazing benefits as soon as possible– it’ll pay off big time down road! Happy shopping everyone!