Everything You Need to Know About the Designer Kennel Club


The Designer Kennel Club is a relatively new organization that focuses on recognizing and promoting designer breeds of dogs. Founded in 2017, the Designer Kennel Club serves as a resource for breeders and owners of mixed-breed dogs, as well as providing education and advocacy for responsible pet ownership. The mission of the Designer Kennel Club is to unite dog fanciers and promote responsible breeding practices. Let’s take a closer look at what this organization has to offer.

Designer Breeds

The dog registration recognizes over 150 different designer breeds—which are defined as any dog with two purebred parents from two different breeds or a blended combination of two breeds. These breeds can range from the more common mixes such as Labradors/Golden Retrievers (known as Goldadors) to more exotic blends like Shih Tzus/Poodles (Shih-Poos). By offering an official registry for designer breeds, the Designer Kennel Club helps legitimize these mixes so that they can be recognized by other organizations.

Registration Process

In order to be registered with the Designer Kennel Club, you must prove that both of your dog’s parents are purebreds belonging to two different recognized breeds. In addition, documentation showing proof of spaying or neutering must also be provided before registration will be approved. Once registered, your dog will receive an official certificate and pedigree listing their ancestry along with any titles they may have achieved in competition or shows.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in the Designer Kennel Club comes with many benefits including access to exclusive resources such as breed information, health tips, show rules and regulations, breeder directories, award programs, and more. Members also receive discounts on products purchased through DKC-affiliated vendors and access to special events hosted by the club throughout the year. Additionally, members who pay annual dues have voting rights within the organization which allows them to help shape its future direction and policies.


The Designer Kennel Club is a great resource for anyone who owns or is considering owning a designer breed dog. Whether you are looking for information about specific breeds or simply want access to exclusive resources provided by DKC membership, this organization has something for everyone! With its focus on promoting responsible pet ownership and uniting fanciers of designer breeds around the world, there has never been a better time than now to become part of this growing community!