What to do to improve the engagement levels of your Instagram stories?


Instagram stories are responsible for your brand recognition along with your feed posts. If there is no one to view your story, your efforts of the online promotion will go waste. So, you have to do something to improve the engagement levels of your stories. If you have money to spend on Instagram, you can buy instagram viewsLet us consider that you think of improving the engagement levels on your own with quality content. If so, you should do these things to succeed with Instagram stories. 


Ask your followers something


If you provide any information on your story, people will see it and swipe to the next story. It will not count as an engagement factor. So, you have to do something to make your followers respond to your stories. The only way to make people respond is to ask them a question. Fortunately, Instagram allows you to do so. You can make use of the question sticker available in your story-editing section. Using this sticker, you can ask anything you wish in your story. Your followers will get to see these questions and can answer them. As it is a question, the majority of the followers will take time to respond instead of skipping it. So, your engagement levels will increase automatically. 

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Let them shop products


Apart from asking questions, you can get some engagements by providing the option of shopping for a product directly from your story. There is such an option on Instagram that allows the business owners to showcase their products and make the customers see the product details there themselves. Once they like the details, they can order it without going away from the application. So, whenever you post a story with a shopping sticker, you can see improvements in the engagement levels. However, you need not worry about your account or specific story looking salesy. There will not be anything salesy except the button named shop. So, it will look like a normal story only. 


Tag someone else on your stories


Tagging is the act of finding someone on the platform and linking them with your story or a post. If you do so, they will get to know that you have posted a story and have tagged him in it. Hence, he would come and view the story for sure. In this way, you can find improvements in the story views and engagements. If you have tagged someone in a story, he would tell his opinion via text message. Else, someone will share your story on his account as he is tagged in it. So, your story will get more reach and engagement than an ordinary story. You can use the mention sticker or @ symbol to tag people on your stories. 


Interact with people


It is not enough to post stories regularly. You have to keep in mind that it is equally important to reply to those people who have texted you like a reply to your stories.