Check your IQ level at home with Iq test


IQ is a score that says something about how well you pass certain intelligence tests. These focus on characteristics such as logical insight and language skills and together are referred to as an IQ test. The number indicating to what extent a person’s mental age corresponds to the actual age. This number roughly indicates a person’s intelligence. You can get a rough idea of your IQ level through Iq test on different websites.

Intelligence Testing - Special Learning Article

These websites of Iq test offer different types of IQ tests. There are most common types of IQ tests;

  • Intelligence Scale
  • Universal Nonverbal Intelligence
  • Differential Ability Scales
  • Individual Achievement Test
  • Adult Intelligence Scale
  • Tests of Cognitive Disabilities

You can get the instant results of Iq test by choosing the option of Iq test


. Let’s analyze the results of an IQ test. A score of 100 is considered average.

High Scores:  The score of above a hundred is associated with high intelligence. If the score is 130 or above, it means the person is extremely intelligent. A high score usually means the person has a lot of potentials to do anything.

Low scores:  The score of below 100 is associated with below-average intelligence. But the low scores, below 70, are the cause of concern. They show an underlying learning disability.

The intelligence quotient (IQ) is assigned an increasingly important role in education and care for mildly mentally disabled youngsters when it comes to an assessment of needs and care allocation. Iq test can be the first step in diagnosing intellectual issues. It is the best way to calculate the IQ level for families who cannot access a doctor. But if you get unusual results of a Iq test, seek out a doctor for a checkup.