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A gun magazine is a device used to store ammunition cartridges in a repeating firearm. Gun magazines are often removable, but fixed magazines have also been used. The detachable magazine is often colloquially referred to as a clip, although this is inaccurate.


The term “magazine” is derived from the name of the metallic cartridge case used in rifles and pistols. A magazine can be integral part of the firearm (fixed), or detachable with separate loading mechanism (detachable). The detachable magazine is often referred to as a clip.

TP9 Elite SC - I got this a while back, is the all grey color scheme less  common? : r/canik

Easy Buying Guide For Gun Magazine


  • Look at the capacity of the magazine. This is the number of rounds that can be held in the magazine itself, and it’s generally measured in numbers from 10 to 100. The higher number means more bullets. You’ll want to choose your capacity based on how much ammunition you think you’ll need for each trip out into the field.
  • Consider whether or not you want an external or internal magazine. An external magazine is one that clips onto your weapon outside of the gun itself, while an internal magazine is one that fits inside your gun and feeds ammunition directly into it as needed by means of gravity or springs. External magazines tend to be more expensive than internal ones because they’re more complex, but they can also hold more ammo at once since they don’t have to fit inside the gun first before being loaded up with bullets (which takes up space).
  • Once you’ve figured out what kind of gun magazine you want such as canik tp9sfx magazine (handgun, automatic rifle/shotgun), it’s time to start shopping around! Start by looking at [company name] and see if they have the magazine that fits your needs. If not, ask them if they can get it for you—they’re experts at sourcing hard-to-find products like this one!

Finding A Good Gun Shop

If you’re looking for a reliable gun accessories store, it’s important to make sure you’re dealing with someone who knows what they’re doing. You can check out reviews online and see if any of the stores or dealers have had complaints filed against them. You should also ask around to see which stores other people like and trust.


Make sure that the store is not just a reseller. They should have their own inventory of the products they sell—otherwise, you could end up paying more and waiting longer than necessary. Also, check their customer service. You don’t want to have to wait weeks or months before they’ll even acknowledge your email (or phone call)!


You can also search for information about specific companies online. You can type in “gun accessories company name” into Google and see what comes up! This will help you get an idea of how long the business has been operating and what kinds of products they offer as well as their reputation among customers (which can be very helpful).

Get as much information as you can about the gun shop so that you can make a well-informed decision before you make a purchase.