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Hybrid conferences blend the full efficiency of a traditional conference with the convenience of an on-line event allowing you not only to save time and money on travel, but also attend from anywhere within the globe! In this article, we’ll explore what exactly a hybrid conference is, how they operate, and some of the advantages they offer! Read on to find out more!

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A hybrid conference consists of two or more events, which can be conducted over the Internet using a combination of on-site and web hybrid conference service. These are a great alternative to conventional meetings, as they eliminate the need for travel expenses such as airfare and hotel accommodation. Instead, attendees can simply join a web conference hosted by a webinar company and attend a web conference instead. Hybrid conferences are often used for product testing, marketing research, or business training seminars. Web conferencing can also be combined with traditional meetings, allowing participants to attend a live event on-site, whilst the web conference is hosted remotely.


Virtual events are becoming increasingly popular as they’re a cost-effective way of conducting meetings, conducting training and product demonstrations, and conducting seminars. Virtual events are ideal for presenting data, documents and PowerPoint presentations to your team members in a format which they can then carry around with them. However, there’s still one major drawback to a hybrid conference – they are only a combination of two different methods, whereas with a virtual event you get the best of both worlds. This article will discuss how a hybrid conference can work to your advantage and how you can set up your first virtual event.


The secret to a successful hybrid conference registration is to find a provider that offers you a fully integrated set of services. You will require web conference hosting, a registration service and a teleconferencing tool. The web-based services should include all the tools needed to conduct a successful meeting – allowing for a centralised registration process and the easy transfer of information from the host organisation to your in-person attendees. A good provider will be able to offer additional services such as background checking, question and answer sessions, presentation downloads, document translations and translators. Some providers even provide a virtual platform on which your attendees can log into their own virtual computers to attend your event.


A key advantage of a hybrid conference system is that you will not need to purchase any separate software or hardware in order to run it. Therefore, you can save thousands in the long term costs of running an in-person registration platform. Another advantage is that many conference systems allow you to link your registration platform to a variety of different websites, which can provide your in-person attendees with a range of information, while also providing your online registration platform with an increased stream of potential clients. Registration software, in particular, allows you to manage, customise and track your registration data, which allows you to quickly analyse your market and identify trends and opportunities. Furthermore, many platforms offer a number of additional features, such as the ability to organise and run conferences, connect with guest speakers, broadcast events and publish your event details on the internet.


If you are planning an upcoming in-person event, you may want to consider using a hybrid platform. These systems enable you to conduct your business as an in-person event, whilst taking full advantage of the growing power of the internet. Not only will you save a huge amount in administration costs, but you will be able to communicate with potential clients around the globe without having to spend a large amount of money on travelling and hotel accommodation. So go hybrid, sign up for a free demo account today and get on board the open water trend!