Following Jesus – what does it indeed mean?


When we talk about following Jesus, what does that really mean? Is it simply a matter of going to church every Sunday, reading our Bible, and praying? Or is there more to it than that?


In order to indeed follow Jesus, we must be willing to put Him first in our lives. That means living our lives in accordance with His teachings and example. It means placing our trust in Him above all else. And it means committing to serving Him faithfully, no matter the cost.


If we are truly serious about following Jesus, then we will make every effort to imitate Him in everything we do. We will strive to become more like Him each day. We will seek to bring glory to His name in all that we do. And we will gladly give our lives over to His service, joyfully sharing the Good News of His love with others.

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So, as per church miami, if you’re wondering what it really means to follow Jesus, simply ask yourself this question: Am I living my life in a way that glorifies God and brings me closer to Him? If the answer is yes, you are well on becoming a faithful follower of Christ.

The Deep Meaning of Following Jesus

The first thing that is required of us if we want to follow Jesus is a willingness to turn away from our sins. This can be difficult for many of us because it means admitting that we are sinners and need God’s forgiveness. It also means turning away from things that we enjoy doing but know are not good for us. However, when we turn away from our sins and give our lives to Jesus, he forgives us and gives us new life.


Another requirement for following Jesus is that we must be baptized. Baptism is an outward symbol of the inward change that has taken place in our hearts. When we are baptized, we identify ourselves with Christ and publicly declare our faith in him.


Finally, being a disciple of Jesus requires that we live according to his teachings. This means reading the Bible and trying our best to apply its teachings to our lives. It also means being active in a local church where we can worship God, learn more about him, and serve others.

The last thoughts

So often hear people say, “I follow Jesus,” but what does that really mean? What is required of us if we are to be his disciples? In this blog post, we’ll explore what it means to follow Jesus and what is required of us if we want to be his disciples.


Following Jesus is not easy, but it is worth it because he gives us new life, forgives us of our sins, and gives us hope for the future. It requires that we turn away from our sin, be baptized, and live according to his teachings, but when we do these things, we will experience the joy of having a personal relationship with God.