What can you do if you have supplied the wrong fuel in your car: Explanation by Fuel Fixer?


It is crucial to take a misfuelling problem as soon as you learn it. Here is what you can accomplish in each of the above-mentioned scenarios.

1- Diesel in a petrol car:

As noted above, the first method is not as painful as the second one. So, in circumstance you have ended up your petrol car with diesel you can observe the following measures to ensure that you do not mourn because of that:

  • If you discover while filling up: This will take action as a boon for you. If your car’s tank is filled up with diesel for less than 5% of the total tank ability, you can fill up the remainder with petrol and drive your car normally. Diesel easily integrates with petrol and thus there should be no issue in this case. Nevertheless, it is suggested to fully drain the diesel to avoid any contamination at all.
  • Realising just after the fill-up: The case is still under power. In circumstances where more than 5% of the tank’s power is filled with diesel, it is very important to not start the engine. Rather you can call for tow assistance and take the car to a closer workshop. Drain the diesel completely and wash the fuel tank. Once the tank is empty and washed entirely, you can fill it up with petrol too and your car will be useful to go.

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  • If you have ridden your engine: In case you have kindled the engine, turn it off as soon as you discover it. Drain off the fuel tank and flush the tank and fuel line entirely with pure petrol. After the procedure is completed, you can fill your car with petrol and contact going without any further difficulty.
  • If you have moved the car for some time before learning: This is the worst-case strategy. Stop your car as soon as practicable and turn the engine off. You can think of calling a roadside help service or towing assistance to tow your car to the nearest workstation. Get your car’s tank and fuel pipes flushed to get rid of residual harmful fuel. You can replenish your car with petrol too and drive without any trouble. Nevertheless, as a precautionary step, you can get your fuel filter changed as early as feasible.

Petrol in diesel car:

Diesel cars are not as tolerant as their petrol companions. If the ignition is turned on with the wrong fuel in the tank, there are high possibilities that you would end up with a hefty invoice.

  • Do not twist the engine on: No issue what occurs, if you get to understand that your diesel car has the wrong fuel in its tank, do not start the engine.
  • If you have moved the car for some time before discovering: Perhaps, this is the most tragic incident. If you have moved your diesel car with petrol in its tank for some time, it is positively likely that the petrol has been pushed to every corner of the car engine.