Important steps in finding the best Washington silver quarters



You can choose to buy Washington quarter coins from a store but it can be more fun to find them than going to buy them from a store. There are ways that you can use to find a silver quarter coin. Here are some of the ways

  • Gather the right items and go to the bank

The first important step to follow is gathering important items. After you have everything that you need, you should consider going to the bank. You can give them the money that you have and ask for your quarters then go back home.

  • Look at the quarters

After you have a collection of coins, you can then start looking at the quarters. Some people would love to go through the coins one by one and check the dates but that may turn out to be very tedious. Instead of doing so, you should consider checking the edges of the coins. If you happen to see a ring or a copper color on the edge of the quarter, they are either silver clad or copper-nickel. Although the silver clads is good, they are not as good as the quarters made of pure silver. If there is no ring around the coin, the quarter is made of pure silver.

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  • Check at the coin dates

The coin or quarters seem to be very similar and the only way to distinguish them is by looking at the years and the edge of the coins. Many people know how valuable the quarters are and that is why there has been a lot of hoarding. Many people and collectors who find the silver coins or quarters keep them for sentimental value. For more information about coin dates, visit www.

  • Selling

After finding the silver quarter, you can then choose to sell it for cash. If you have decided to sell your coins, it is advisable not to sell them to a coin dealer. If possible, you should consider selling the quarter to an investor. You can also choose to sell it to a rookie collector especially one who is just getting started with the collection. Many collectors have kept their coins for sentimental reasons and if you would like to keep yours too, that’s okay as well.

Where to look for silver quarters

Many collectors would love to find silver quarters but the only problem is, they do not have an idea of where to look for them. Many would look for quarters in banks and some will even buy them locally but the best place to look for is in flea markets. It is the best way for anyone to buy quarters with ease and at an affordable price. After buying the quarters, you can then bring them home and consider sorting them out. You may discover that every single coin is very unique and special in its way. The features may not be that easy to spot but with Silver Quarter Coin Information, you can easily know the value of each coin.