Advancement of IPTV


iptv service  is an epitome of advancement of IPTV. With the alteration and modernization of technology, the IPTV is becoming more popular. It is a system where the television services are delivered by use of the internet protocol suite via the packet switch network like the internet, instead of having to deliver through the traditional satellites, terrestrial, and the cable television formats.

Classification of IPTV

The following is the classification of IPTV:

  • Live television: When talking about the live streaming, it means having to broadcast while it is happening. It is like having to watch a live event on television or on computer screen. In this particular format, it is impossible to skip or pause through the broadcast which does not interest you.
  • Video on demand: It very similar to a playlist. In this format, the clips, videos, or episodes are normally arranged by their titles or in their categories such as sports, news, or the music videos.

Why choose IPTV

IPTV is currently gaining popularity at a very fast rate and the traditional model is being casted out of the television services. Main reasons why IPTV is being the best option for most people includes:

  • The adoption that is widespread and the broadband usability
  • The accessibility of the internet which has been made easier and very user-friendly. The game changer has been the 5G.
  • The competition which is dynamic in nature between the cable service providers and the traditional telephone service providers in providing for service combined of voice, data, communication and video.


The following are some of the advantages that you will get when you start using IPTV:

  • It has the capability of being able to integrate easily with other services that are IP based such as high speed internet and VOIP.
  • It utilizes the computer network that is in existence and thus, you don’t have to use cable making it hassle free.
  • There are a variety of IPTV players available in the market today and thus you can readily download them free of charge.
  • Its content will always remain in the network and it is only the content that the consumer selects which is forwarded to them
  • It readily distributes prerecorded or live TV and audio/video over the network that pre-exists
  • The consumer tends to have a higher choice of what they want to be delivered for watching due to the higher content and functionality than with the regular broadcast or the services for the cable television
  • The communication is two way as the consumer will interact with the provider of the service. An example is where a consumer is able to request to watch for a particular movie from a TV guide and it will be delivered to them by the service provider. It is a service that is normally referred to as a movie rental.
  • One feature about IPTV that is quite interesting is the EPG – electronic program guide and the PVR – the personal video recorder that is interactive fully to the personal needs of the consumer, providing elements that are quite fascinating such as forward, pause, rewind and facilities for program recording while watching a program or a movie.