What Is A Crossdraw Holster?


Holsters are for people who carry weapons like guns with them. These are made for holding and carrying guns. There are different types of holsters like a crossdraw holster, shoulder holster, etc.

What is a holster?

A holster is a device used to hold or carry a gun. Holsters are used to restrict the undesired movement of a handgun. Often holsters are attached to the belt or worn like a jacket on someone’s shoulders.

The purpose of holsters is to give a safe pocket for guns. If you are someone who carries a licensed handgun, you certainly would not like to hold it in your hands at all times.

Hence, you need something which can hold the gun firmly and safely. Also, the handgun should be carried in a way that can be used easily in times of need. In such cases, you can use a holster to carry a gun with you.

What are the holsters made of?

There are many materials used for making holsters. But they need to be made from a material that is stiff and tough.

Most commonly, leather is used to make gun holsters. The reason being, its attractive appearance, and its stiffness. Also, it can be dyed with many colors and can also be embossed with designs.

Another material that is used for making gun holsters is ballistic nylon. It is a stiff and wear-resistant material that is ideal for gun holsters.

Molded plastics, like Kydex, are also used for making gun holsters. These cost less and are robust.

Hence, there are a few materials used in making gun holsters but the most used is leather.

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What is a crossdraw holster?

A type of holster, a crossdraw holster is designed to wear outside the waistline on the weak part of the body, i.e. on the opposite side of the dominant hand.

A crossdraw holster is used when the person has to be in a seating position for a long time. In this case, pulling out a gun from a crossdraw holster becomes easier.

This type of holster is ideal for females since it is very comfortable in carrying. Also, a crossdraw holster is naturally adaptable to a female body. Hence, it is best suitable for women who like to carry a gun with them.

Why use a crossdraw holster?

There are many benefits of using a crossdraw holster instead of using other holsters in many situations.

For instance, while driving, carrying a gun in a shoulder holster won’t be comfortable. It won’t let you drive properly and will keep irritating you.

You can’t keep your gun in the gun box as well. It may take time to take the gun out of the glove box in an emergency. Plus, while you are away someone else might also take it out from the glove box.

You can also pull out a gun from a crossdraw holster without drawing much attention to yourself. Hence, in such situations, the best way to carry a gun is to use a crossdraw holder.