The Arguments Against and Pros of Prepaid Funeral Packages


A prepaid funeral Service, also known as an indemnity funeral Service, is a kind of insurance coverage bought by a family member or friend to cover funeral costs after the death of the insured individual. You usually pay for the Funeral Packages before they are activated, and then the funeral home will give the final service time of the deceased beneficiary’s death. You can often use the prepaid Buddhist Funeral Packages as part of a life insurance policy, but they are a good option if you already have a life insurance policy that you don’t want to cancel before you pass away. They can also be used to pay for other funeral costs, such as cemetery costs, flowers, etc.

Some people worry about pre-arranging a funeral because they think that it may not be covered by insurance, or there could be a long waiting period before the pre-arrangement paperwork is approved. This is not true in most cases. Most Funeral Packages allow the families to make the decisions about the ceremony and service. The Funeral Packages will usually allow families to select a location for the memorial service and determine other small matters, such as whether to have a memorial casket or cremation. After the pre-arrangement is approved, the funeral home can then prepare the body for the burial or cremation, which typically takes place within two to four weeks.

There are some pros and cons to prepaid Funeral Packages that you should consider before purchasing a policy. Although they tend to be quite flexible, prepaid Funeral Packages can also have some drawbacks. For instance, the cost of adding-ons to the program can often be more expensive than the actual premium you pay to join. Some people also worry that if they want to add-ons like flowers, artwork, etc., they will not be allowed to do so because of the pre-arrangement agreement.

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Another con of prepaid Funeral Packages is that the pre-arrangement process can take longer than what a family would experience with a traditional funeral. In addition, families can only choose from a limited pre-arrangement list, which makes the program more limited in its choices. Also, families who have applied for and received a prepaid Funeral Packages have complained that there are too many “no’s” when it comes to add-ons. For example, if a family desires to add a pastor, they will often be turned down. One funeral home director said that if a family has applied for a pre-Servicening Service and has been turned down, they may consider applying again, but “if they are still determined to have a funeral, they will probably have to get that done at a later date.”

Some funeral homes and cremation providers have taken legal action against prepaid Funeral Packages, saying that families are being deprived of their right to control their own finances. On the other side of this issue, funeral homes are also concerned about the shortage of revenue that prepaid Funeral Packages could cause over the long-term. Prepaid programs are a multi-billion dollar business, so the potential loss of revenue could be quite significant. According to one funeral director, families in the prepaid Funeral Packages’ category “feel like they’re being robbed.” Some families, he said, have even gone as far as to cancel their prepaid Funeral Packages so they can afford the same peace of mind that comes with having a Servicened funeral.

These are just some of the arguments that funeral homes have taken up against prepaid Funeral Packages. What you need to remember is that the prepaid services do provide a good service and do fill a need that not all funeral homes provide. The only real argument that you really need to worry about is the question of whether or not you as a family want to take this financial burden on yourself or your loved ones. Weighing the pros and cons of this type of Service can help you make the decision whether or not prepaid Funeral Packages are right for you.