How Email Verification Benefits Your Business


Email verification helps boost deliverability and improves your sender standing score. An email with a high percentage of expired or unknown users is likely to be degraded by an ISP, which will then recycle it for spam traps. In addition to boosting your deliverability, email verification can help keep you off blacklists. If you use email verification services, you can also remove roll-addresses from your mailing list.

Real-time email verification improves deliverability

Email deliverability is a key measure of the success of any marketing campaign, and real-time email verification can significantly increase your success. By verifying emails in real-time, you can eliminate bad email addresses before you send them. Not only does real-time email verification add an additional layer of security and efficiency, but it can also improve your reputation with your ESP, which is an important partner in your email marketing efforts.

Using email verification will ensure that recipients’ inboxes are active and free of invalid email addresses. It will also detect possible spam traps and help you deliver messages to your target audience. Email address invalidation can be caused by a variety of technical or behavioral factors, including email spoofing or unsubscribe requests. By verifying email addresses in real-time, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy in the future.

Why Am I Getting An Email Verification Message from WordPress?

Removes roll-addresses from mailing list

To remove roll-addresses from a mailing list, type “remove” in the subject line. Then, you’ll be prompted for the password for your mailing list. This procedure is not recommended, since it exposes your list password. However, if you must remove a large number of people, you can copy the list’s password and paste it into the body of the mass-remove command.

Improves security

If you have an email marketing list, you should improve security by using email verification. Email verification helps you avoid the risks associated with spam and other unsolicited emails. Email verification helps ensure that your subscribers do not receive unsolicited emails from shady sources. You can perform email verification by following a few simple steps. First, you should authenticate the domain. Using DNS records, you can confirm that the email you sent was indeed sent by the company. Unreliable email sources can disengage customers. They may even block or report your email, or simply never come back.

Email verification is important for high volume senders. These companies manage millions of email addresses and send promotional emails three or four times a day. High volume senders face a different set of challenges than small-scale senders. Their email databases are so large and complex that manually processing undeliverable emails would be impractical. This would expose them to increased risks. Email verification improves security by ensuring that only people with valid email addresses receive promotional emails.

Increases efficiency

Email verification is important for a number of reasons. Using an updated email list saves time and money, helps achieve marketing goals, and increases lead generation. Different platforms follow different verification methods. Learn about three of the most common ones to increase efficiency. Read on to discover how these tools can help your business. Here are three more reasons why email verification is important. These methods are easy to use, and can save you time and money.