Reasons you ought to avoid mortgage loans today


Excitement is never a good ingredient to have when looking for a house. Too much excitement can make you miss important details in your choice of mortgage deal to use for your dream home. Many people in bid to get to their house never think seriously about what they are signing to. You should know that not all mortgage plans are bad however it is your careful consideration that will save you from suffering from such long term debts. Read on below to understand the cons home owners get when they use reverse mortgage rates in Canada to buy their homes.

Settle for the debtor life

Living life as a debtor is never your goal when beginning to plan for your life. Rushing to get your dream home earlier in life will mean doing so via a mortgage loan. This can affect the quality of life that you live especially if you are not so stable financially. The repayment period for many home mortgage loans can take a long period of time amounting to years. At this point you will realize that saving for the house would have been better in order to be a free home owner instead of being stuck in the life of debts.

Your home can be re-claimed

The home you are living in will not be fully yours until the mortgage loan you used to procure it has been paid off entirely. The repayment period is determined by your financier considering the amount of mortgage that you take and your ability to pay it off. The ownership of the house can be challenged at any time that you fail to pay the required installments to your financier. They can threaten your home meaning it is not fully yours and getting reclaimed is only a snap away as long as you do not pay the installments as needed.

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Fluctuating rates of interest

The interest charged on your mortgage loan is subject to changes over time. You can be surprised with new interest rates in different years of your mortgage loan repayment. This will mean either increasing or decreasing the minimum amount you pay to your financier for the years the rate will change. When the amount is reduced, it plays to your favor but not when there is increment in the amount to be paid for every installment.

Overpaying the buying price

The amount of money that you use to buy the house will be less when you pay it in full. Buying a house via a mortgage loan is similar to hire purchase shopping which mean you get to use more money that you would have ultimately. There is no point to rush when you can save up and but the home of your dreams for less. It is also unlikely that you will sell the house that you buy via mortgage for the value you used to get the house. This is due to fluctuating home value in the market based on a number of factors like housing crisis.