Five Qualities That Define a Perfect Security Officer


Security officers can be individuals or employees of a Security Guard Company who must protect people, things, places, and property. They also need to be aware of their surroundings and take action accordingly. Different types of security officers are classified by the kind of service and the area they control.

To effectively perform duties as a security officer, one must show certain qualities that set him apart from the rest. Such qualities will make him an asset, even an icon in security. Here are five attributes that define a perfect security officer:

  • Alertness

Security officers are there for a reason. They must be vigilant about the area they are in and take appropriate action if needed. The security officer needs to have an excellent vision to detect any unusual activities and immediately take action. All eyes, especially those of security officers, need to be on at all times. It is also important for the security officer to remain alert even when he is discharging his duties.

  • Communication

Security officers are required to be alert when in their area of control and when it comes to communicating with people who visit or work in the area they serve. This is essential since these individuals may become the life and death of their charges by freezing or fleeing in terror upon seeing an armed guard passage. A good communication skill is the key in maintaining security.

  • Ability to Serve Client’s Needs

Security officers must be willing to fulfill the wants and needs of their clients. Therefore, security officers never impose their will and ideas on anyone but instead listen to their clients and provide what they need. This means that security officers must be able to cooperate with people in a very diplomatic way. That is why they have to know their clients well.

  • Physical Fitness

Security officers are expected to be in excellent physical condition due to their constant presence. This, under the circumstances, hinges on their level of physical fitness. Being a lifer in security means having the ability to move around quickly and with speed. In addition, an excellent physical and mental state will ensure that the individual becomes an asset in his given field.

  • Honesty and Accountability

Security officers must always be honest and accountable to their clients. Security officers are there for the safety and protection of people, places, things, and property. Therefore they must provide the best service they can. If they do not provide the best service, their clients will never come back or recommend them to other people. Also, if their clients commit violations or wrongdoings, the security officer must be willing to take responsibility and apologize to them.

Security officers are expected to be tactful and diplomatic in their actions while always remaining honest and responsible to their clients. They must also be alert and physically fit to protect people, places, things, and property effectively. These are the five attributes that an individual security guard or a party of Security Guard Company must possess to be considered a real security officer.