International Trademark – Some Major Factors to Consider


If you live or do business anywhere globally, and you see your company’s logo on someone’s T-shirt, bag, or fidget spinner, it could indicate that your competitor has a counterfeit of your product. A true international trademark can help protect against this by providing exclusive recognition for certain types of products and services in all territories worldwide.

International trademarks may be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) under the international classification code (ICC) and standard character mark (S-CM) provisions. Initially, the registration of trademarks in the U.S. was made only by filing a trademark petition before the USPTO using “United States Trademark Application” forms. Here are some significant factors you should consider while selecting the best international trademark services to understand this trademark better.

  1. Classification of Trademarks

Under the International Classification Code (ICC) system, the international trademark application form PCT/US-03/1278 is used. The applicant applies to one country and later applies for a certificate to register the trademark in all other countries. This certification is called a translation.

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  1. Registration Procedure and Requirements

A trademark application must be filed in all jurisdictions where the trademark is used. Trademark registration can take up to 12 months, though each country’s trademark application process may take six months or more. However, suppose an applicant has a certificate of registration already issued by another government whereby the client’s trademark is already registered with that country. In that case, the U.S. patent and trademark office will accept the foreign registration certificate as the first legal step to filing a complete international application in the United States.

  1. Terms and Conditions to Register a Trademark

The trademark application fee is $1,500 (approx.) for each class to be registered. The filing fee for the trademark application is $25,000 ($15,000 in some cases). The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office requires an applicant to pay the entire maintenance cost of a generic mark and the full filing fee for each class of sports sought.

  1. Common Mistakes to Avoid when applying for a Trademark

The trademark office requires you to list specific terms used in the business you want to protect. You should avoid using names of people, places, or things not in everyday use to prevent confusion.

  1. The Trademark Search Report

When the U.S. trademark office approves the trademark registration, it will issue a search report and correspondence detailing the title, class, and number of a particular mark that may be denied.

  1. Getting to Know the Trademark Enforcement Process

Once a trademark is registered, it will be monitored by the U.S. Trademark Office and other countries that have used the brand. If you are not getting responses from these countries, you should study your search reports to see what is happening. It would help if you also looked for notices relating to the trademark in periodicals from both the USPTO and USPTO’s District Offices or domain name registrars.

In all cases, the international trademark services do not eliminate the need for a state or federal trademark registration. As an international trademark owner, you want to ensure that your rights are protected and appropriately protected.