Designing own jewelry cremation


To come up with a will is common with almost everyone when they are at a particular age. You will have to decide on the way you want your estate to be split up and what you will have to leave behind for your loved family members. But there are a few people that tend to think about having to leave their loved ones with a particular parting gift after they are gone.

To leave a request that your ashes will be transformed into cremation diamonds is one of the things that you can do. But to design the piece on your own and set aside a particular amount of money for covering the cost is a wonderful activity that will make your loved ones never forget.

When you design your piece of cremation jewelry, you will be in charge of the way you want it to look exactly. You will be able to tailor it to ensure that it suits the style of the person to whom you want to give it, while at the same time, ensuring that it is a reflection of yourself as well as your personality. While having a lavish funeral will only last for a single day, a jewelry item that is made with a cremation diamond will have to last for a lifetime.

If you would wish to give your loved ones a gift that they are going to cherish truly, the following is a guide on the way to design your cremation jewelry.

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The first step is deciding on the type of cremation jewelry that you would wish to be created. On offer you will get:

  • Pendants
  • Earrings
  • Rings

The way that might be best to come up with a decision is to think of the person whom you will give the jewelry. You should consider the type of jewelry they like wearing. If they are the type that doesn’t put on jewelry daily, you need to think of the type of jewelry they wear during special events and occasions. If you are doubting, you can as well ask directly so that you are sure you are getting it right.


After you choose the jewelry type, it is time that you pick the setting. While there will be a need to keep the recipient of the jewelry in mind, you will need to be a little creative, allowing your personality to shine through it all.

In case your loved ones like putting on simple jewelry, you will have to choose a minimalistic diamond. You need to know that; grief causes stress which can end up triggering several physical symptoms. Some choose to visit a chiropractor to treat them. But if the recipient likes dressing extravagantly for special occasions, then you can go for something more glamorous.

There are various ways of incorporating yourself into the setting. You can pick a heart setting if you want to give the gift to your partner or go for a vintage design if you are the type that likes the older styles. If you like to spend time at the beach, then embrace the ocean wave style, or in case of history fascinates you, then a Roman-inspired setting could be suitable.