Crossdraw Holsters Are Composed Of High-Quality Leather That Will Last A Long Time


Purchase a Kirkpatrick Leather Crossdraw Holsters if you’re seeking the greatest ability to transport a gun as well as learn why we’re still the finest after 70 years. We are gun enthusiasts as well as card-carrying license holders in Texas. We would be delighted to collaborate with you if you’ve had a concept for a personalized leather item.

We only ever use the finest products available to ensure that our goods give you lots years of bother thinking service. We never strive to save money by sacrificing quality. Only the best American leather is used to make our leather holsters. They’re double embroidered in all essential sections and sewn with seven chord bonded nylon threads on heavy-duty stitching machines to ensure they last. And, where necessary, we exclusively employ the best equipment from reputable manufacturers in the United States.

Stunning leather gun crossdraw holster

Premium leather pistol crossdraw holster should be both attractive and useful. They ought to be aesthetically beautiful as well as add to the beauty of your daily carry rifle. Our personalized leather crossdraw holster is no exception. When we make our holsters, we pay close attention to these things to ensure that this is something you are glad to wear as well as show off. We begin by removing the nicest section of the hide. In our store, we manually dye it to produce a rich, deep colour that will complement your rifle. We hand mold and mold the crossdraw holster to your gun after it is produced. With an emphasis on ensuring a suitable fit while still being visually appealing.

Timeless leather holster for cross-draw | Falco

The sides are sanded as well as carefully polished to provide a smooth, glossy appearance. This mostly looks fantastic, but it also keeps moisture out of the leather’s edges. After polishing, our leather gun crossdraw holster is given a clear coat to preserve the sheen. Custom leather crossdraw holsters are designed to complement your gun collection. We have been creating leather objects that are thoughtful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. And that is what we aim for daily. We keep busy constructing our most popular holsters, but we already have a wealth of experience creating one-of-a-kind leather goods. We adore producing new custom items, whether it’s a version of an existing model or something entirely new.


Since 1950, Kirkpatrick Leather has been producing high-quality gun leatherette that is both elegant as well as useful. Understand that when you purchase a Kirkpatrick cowboys leather crossdraw holster, you are purchasing professionally constructed holsters that will endure as long as such guns for which they are designed. Our leather crossdraw holsters are made from 8-9 oz. American horse leather is completely lined for stiffness as well as durability. The crossdraw holster remains open for simple re-holstering due to the substantial weight construction. Our crossdraw holster belts are entirely leather-lined and fashioned of thick 9 oz. saddle leather. They include 24 hands moulded bullet loops and then are outfitted with solid steel as well as nickel hardware of the highest quality.