Get now the advice of the best experts in facades with Fira Dresden!


Fira Dresden is one of the best companies in the whole country. They are pilots in the remodeling, coating, and reconstruction of facades. No matter how old it is, they will be able to solve all your problems and create a cozy and beautiful space for you and your family.

Where can you get more information?

To obtain information about Fira Dresden, you can check its official website or Instagram page, where you will find various photos, opinions of people, and all their work. Similarly, if you want to go to the office in person, they are located at Kurländer Palais Tzschirnerplatz 3-5.

This group of professionals provides the best coating in all their clients’ locations. Join the community of people who decided to say yes, and today they have the best facade of the whole place where they live, plus the costs are quite low, and they work in a short time.

Best services

Among the services offered by Fira Dresden are Lotus Effect, which is a highly effective product that provides the best repellent for water and all dirt. Your façade, however old it may be, will look like new in a very short time with the help of the workers.

Geplantes Neubauprojekt Breitscheidstraße in Dresden - Fira Neubau

No matter your preferences, needs, or any idea you have for your home, however crazy it may be, they can fulfill it. They have materials such as glass for open places or where there is a beautiful landscape, wood for rustic spaces, and much more.

Your dreams come true

They will make your dreams and those of your family a reality; even if you want to remodel the facade of your company or office building, they can do it too. Just ask for the help of our advisor, and he will tell you everything you need to be able to give life to those abandoned or damaged spaces over time.

This group of people is experts in remodeling any facade and space, regardless of size, height, shape, or space. They have managed to recover from small old houses to the largest mansions and even the facade of important religious temples; they adapt to your needs.