Fira Dresden has been covering buildings throughout Germany for thirty years


If there is an important part in a home, it is the coating. It is usually associated only with aesthetics, but the truth is that this is the protective layer that allows your home to stay warm and protected. Any crack in the outer cover can lead to severe problems for your structure and the unnecessarily high energy bill you will have to pay at the end of the month.

Each of the panels, be it attached, masonry, or whatever the coating your house has on the outside, needs to be installed properly and manufactured with first-rate materials. That harshly resists climatic alterations in addition to the weather, which is another of the factors that end up deteriorating its exterior coating.

If anyone knows about these things, Fira Dresden is the company. They are more than thirty years of experience installing and designing facades for thousands of buildings in Germany. This company has designed a unique and individual system that allows having a coating with luxurious and aesthetically divine finishes, but that are also resistant and can firmly withstand any test.

Its models are adaptable to any design and offer much more durable and strong protection than any other material. In addition, they have the best insulation system that will keep all the energy you use for heating, where it should be, inside the home.

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This means substantial savings on the energy bill. All coatings meet stringent safety and quality standards, and the materials used are of superior quality to be installed without damage for a long time.

Discover the designs and solutions that Fira Dresden has prepared for its clients

They are thirty years of experience put at the service of the entire German population. More than six thousand projects in execution demonstrate the trust that this company generates in its clients and the high prestige that it has managed to accumulate over the years.

You only need to go through the website. You will discover a wide variety of solutions adaptable to all types of building, restoration and remodeling projects, under a strict work methodology and using only the highest quality materials.

Use the channels available on the website, and consult with the technical advisors about any problem or project you want to move forward with. If it is a restoration project of an old and classic building, do not worry, the techniques used by Fira Dresden allow you to improve the facade without altering the mystical image of your building in the least.

Remember, Fira Dresden has provided the best facade design and construction service for three decades.

The accumulated experience has allowed it to discover and innovate in everything that refers to efficient coating methods. In masonry and insulation, the company’s solutions can cover all the problems that may arise and put your property at risk.