General information regarding cremation


Cremation is known to offer various options for the final disposition of the body, which allows for the traditional solutions or the creative memorials such as the ashes diamond.  Some choose to keep the ashes at home in decorative urns, placing them on the mantle or any other location that is prominent within the home.

For others, they decide to bury the ashes in the nearest cemetery or place them in the columbarium in a cemetery, which refers to a building that is intended to house various urns. You have an option of scattering the ashes in a special place or dividing and scatter in a variety of places.

The industry of the memorial incorporating ashes is growing, ranging from sentimental keepsakes to flashy sendoffs. The ashes can be swirled in an objet d’art that is blown-glass in nature, locket stored, or mixed in the ink of the tattoo. They can be mixed in concrete, forming an artificial coral reef which is then lowered in the ocean, or placed in fireworks that light up the night. You have an option of deciding to have your ashes sent to outer space.

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Is it right to carry out cremation on your body?

Though it has become quite popular in the USA as compared to going for the traditional burials, it is not a choice for everyone. But there are various reasons which might make you choose cremation for your loved one or yourself. One of them is money.

With cremation, it tends to be cheaper as compared to the traditional burial and it might save you as well as your family several dollars to the alternatives. Cremation is known to be environmentally friendly as compared to the traditional burial and it saves space which is attractive if you are in an area where space for the cemeteries is an issue.

The major arguments against cremation are mainly aesthetic and religious. Though the majority of the religions permit cremation, some don’t like Orthodox Judaism and Islam. If it is against your religion and you are a staunch believer, then you don’t have to embrace cremation as it is not an option for you.

Some feel an aversion to the idea of having to be burned after death and would prefer having their body remain intact and buried. For others, they prefer the traditional ceremonies which surround the viewing of an open casket, burial of the body into the ground, and a funeral.

The history of cremation

Even though cremation just became popular in the USA recently, it is not a new practice around the world. According to history, ancient societies did burn the bodies of the dead. There is evidence of cremation in China that dates back over 8000 BC. You could be familiar with the Viking’s funerals where the warrior got burned on a boat set adrift and the ancient Greeks, Romans, and the Buddhists across parts of Asia did at times practice cremation.