Speed Up with Computer Cleaner


Our computer is a multitasking machine that gradually wears up. Multitasking can harm computer performance, build-up of junk files, unauthorized access, and tracking of personal data. In such a scenario, finding and deleting junk files is time-consuming, and securing privacy is a serious concern. Windows will prefetch recently used libraries to cache folders to speed up the subsequent launch of applications, however, over time consumes disk space and affects other resources. Computer cleaner is an all-in-one tool for cleaning your computer. The Health Check and Custom Clean feature are the key features of computer cleaner.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, default settings, this tool helps in cleaning unnecessary files and ensures that all the needed files are safe. The registry cleaner can scan for issues in the registry that helps in reviewing and modifying it. This tool helps in analyzing disk space, by scanning the types of files using more space. Duplicate finder searches for duplicate files and removes the unneeded files. Drive wiper tool is used to securely wipe out the data or free up the disk space. Installing the computer cleaner protects your privacy, cleans and removes junk files, scans threats, risks and notifies you about the outdated software running on the computer.

Advanced features of computer cleaner 

  • Health Check

A health check-up examines the human body for signs or symptoms of a medical condition. Similar to this, a health check-up is done on a computer to analyze the risks, quick fix, remove junk files, delete browser data, and disable unwanted programs that slow down the speed of the computer. Outdated software is identified and updated to protect the computer.

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  • Driver updater

A new tool of computer cleaner that scans the hardware and the driver issues and updates them to the latest version thereby giving the best quality of audio and video effect. This also helps in better internet connectivity.

  • PC Optimization

Optimizing means improving the performance of the computer by modifying the features and helping to clean the computer by removing unnecessary files and programs.

  • Faster computer

Over time use of the computer causes piling up of junk files, outdated drivers, and software that slow down the computer. Computer cleaner cleans up these and makes computer faster.

  • Safer browsing

Browsing on the internet is very risky. Advertisements, pop-ups prompt you, and your privacy is at risk. The computer cleaner clears browsing history, and your data remains confidential and anonymous.

  • Fewer errors and crashes

Computer cleaner has a patent registry cleaner that fixes the errors in the registry and updates outdated drivers, which helps the computer to be more stable.

  • Quicker start-up

This feature of the computer cleaner enables to speed up the booting speed of the computer also disables the unnecessary or silent programs running in the background.

  • Custom Clean
  • Custom clean is another core feature of computer cleanerfor in-depth cleaning of the computer. This feature of computer cleaner allows you to select between the Windows or the Applications tab, and check boxes are listed beneath both the tabs.