Types of CCTV camera or security camera Slotenmaker Genk deal in?


In this modern age, with an increase in the number of offences and anti-social actions, one’s safety is of utmost priority and can’t be bargained at any cost. Safety cameras can come to our recovery and make us feel much better understanding that we are being monitored and even if anything were to go bad, we would have hard proof to back us up and can be shown during the investigation.

So, if you’ve been intending to get one for your home or office and you are constantly questioning yourself, what type of security camera we should buy?’ then this article can help you comprehend and decide what is the best option for you because experts from Slotenmaker Genk will only suggest the most suitable type of security cameras to fit your necessities.

Often, we failed to understand that the type in these cameras is vast. CCTV cameras or security cameras come in many other styles and designs, delivering a broad range to choose from, depending on where they have to be established. for more details following key points can be considered

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  1. Dome Camera

The most economical and standard among the al camera, Name is given based on the design and shape they have, Dome camera is the primary type of security camera, which is meant for indoor installation primarily. These cameras are utilised for projects in the daytime only.

  1. Bullet Cameras

To capture the images for a specific location these bullet cameras are designed, they are fixed to a specific place and work nicely as home security cameras. These cameras are thin in shape and cylindrical in design. They are further differentiated into an Ultra Bullet, generally characterised by their smaller size and cheaper price.

  1. C-mount type camera

These cameras are a little more progressive than other cameras. The C-mount cameras reach with a separable lens, which allows users to change it to fit their requirements. For instance, the traditional CCTV camera lenses can only cover distances up to 40 feet whereas C-mount cameras, can use special lenses, which can cover spans beyond 40 feet being a detachable lens

  1. Night CCTV 

These types of CCTV cameras have the benefit of operating in any kind of environment. Infrared illuminators are not required for this security camera, as they can capture clear video in both light and dark situations. They are ideal for outdoor surveillance. These have a broad vibrant range to function in different situations, like in glow, natural sunlight, reflections and powerful backlight, at any time they can function and their purpose can be solved.

  1. Infrared/Night Vision Camera

These are the same as night/day type of camera but would require infrared/night for vision CCTV cameras. They can see through dark conditions using Infrared LED Light. For zero light these cameras are ideal and most preferred.

  1. Varifocal type CCTV cameras

If you want to have some clarity on distanced objects and are required to be zoomed to see then these cameras are used as they allow zooming in and out without failing to focus on the image.