How to Choose the Right Cremation Diamond – Just a Few pointers


Turning ashes into diamonds is a very real and impressive feat of modern science. The process involves processing ashes under high pressure and heat to create a precious stone that can be fashioned into jewellery. Ashes can be a unique tribute to a loved one while producing a beautiful piece of jewellery that does no harm to the environment. This process is also more environmentally friendly than conventional burial practices. You can even donate the ashes to charity, which helps to fight global warming.

A few steps must be taken before the ashes can be turned into a diamond. First, the ash samples are analyzed to determine their chemical composition. Then, they must be separated from non-carbon elements such as salts, oxygen, and hydrogen. This initial cleaning process is vital to ensure that the ashes contain the right amount of carbon for creating high-quality diamonds. Depending on the size of the diamond, this process can take several months. During this time, the ash grows a tiny fraction of an inch in size every day, while the ash remains stable.

There are several different methods used to create a diamond. The first step involves the pre-processing of the ashes, which is the most important step in the process. This process involves using intense pressure and heat to break apart the atoms. When these conditions are met, carbon is converted into graphite, a different physical state than that of carbon. As the atoms form tight bonds with the help of extreme heat and pressure, the gemstone grows into a sparkling star.

How to Turn Dead People Into Diamonds

Alternatively, you can choose to turn your ashes into diamonds. Typically, cremation leaves behind five to ten pounds of ash, equivalent to approximately 2, 20kg to four hundred kilograms. In this case, the Saintdiamonds team isolates carbon from other elements in the ashes and uses that powder to make a carbon graphite powder. This carbon graphite powder is then placed into a machine that mimics the conditions under the earth. The process takes about three months and is overseen by top German and Texas scientists.

The pre-processing of the ashes is the final step in the process. Cleansing the ashes is followed by high-pressure and high-heat treatment, which results in the formation of diamonds. Additionally, the ashes are allowed to cool in order to make them more manageable. Ashes are typically produced through a low-temperature process, which is more efficient than traditional methods of production. The ashes are pressed together to form a single solid diamond. Ashes are a good source of carbon dioxide for the environment.

The process of turning ashes into diamonds is a time-consuming one that requires a great deal of heat and pressure to be successful. The first step in the process is to separate the carbon from the other elements in the ashes, which is called carbon isolation. Carbon graphite powder is then placed into a machine that simulates the conditions found beneath the surface of the earth. Later, under extreme heat and pressure, it crystallises and is transformed into the raw diamond that we see today. It will take approximately three months to complete the entire process.