How Healthy And Delicious best dog food for small dogs Can Be Made?


Doggie meals do not need to be boring, but dog food toppers add a whimsical twist and can make dog food for dogs exciting again. These dog food toppers add flavor without overwhelming the dog’s palate. They come in a variety of flavors and styles, including:

Kibble vs. Dry. As dog owners know, dry kibble has been known to contain more filler than dog food toppers. Unfortunately, the less filling it is, the less nutrients the dog gets. For example, the dry kibble I feed my pooch often has a low protein content and little in the way of good fats. This makes it difficult for my dog to gain weight, much less to maintain his or her growing size. By giving him a crunchy treat, I’m helping him with his weight gain, yet still getting the important nutrients that he needs for energy and growth.

Natural Ingredients. The real dog food toppers for dogs are those that are made from natural ingredients.  Best dog food for small dogs give your dog the protein he needs, the fats he needs, the vitamins and minerals he needs, and even the antioxidants he needs. Many of these natural ingredients come from the ground up plants and herbs around your home.

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Healthy, Beneficial Fat. My dog Lassie likes tuna, and she loves the healthy omega 3 fatty acids that are found in tuna. But it is only natural for our canine friends to have an innate love for the fish, and so they get that omega 3 fatty acid from their canned tuna. But if you want your dog to gain some weight, you can give him a fish oil supplement or fat burners with flaxseed oil that feature healthy, beneficial fat.

Easy To Use: Many dog food toppers require you to mix the food with some sort of “mixer”. However, most dogs don’t like the taste of the mixers. The wellness core dry food has a simple mixability you’ll find enjoyable. You simply mix it with water, and your dog will be happy to go to bed. Or you can give him some dog treats as the mixer.

Good Source of Fiber: The wellness core wet food has an added flavor of rice. You mix it in with water, and your dog will be content. The dog food topper you choose should provide your dog with high-quality dog food with wholesome ingredients. Do your dog and yourself a favor and find dog food toppers that have high quality ingredients and are easy to mix. That way, you’ll ensure you dog is satisfied at the same time. Give your dog the nutrition he needs by choosing best dog food for small dogs that are easy to eat and delicious.