Things To Know About White Label SEO


White label SEO is a mixture of two concepts, namely, white-label (also known as private labeling) and SEO. White label means giving out services with a particular brand that is produced by another company. SEO: Search Engine Optimisation, is the total of changes that a company makes to its website and its content to grow and increase original searches. White label SEO is also known as SEO private or reselling label SEO. In simple words, it means that a company or an agency sells its SEO service to its clients under its brand. The work, however, is carried out by another SEO agency.

How does White Label SEO work?

When a company partners up with the white label agency, all the management of accounts and client-facing is handled by the agency. They become an extension of the company. This helps in cutting down the cost of hiring an expert. It handles all the SEO campaigns and deliverables. In some cases, the company itself handles its management and clients.

White label SEO can provide a company with either linking building or content management but not both.

White Label SEO Services | High Margins for Resellers & Freelancers

Benefits of White Label SEO

Why is it beneficial for an agency to switch to White Label SEO? There are many benefits of white label seo.

1.       New Source of income with minimal Overhead

This service helps in increasing the revenue of the agency with its partners. There is minimal employee training or customer accession involved and hence the overhead is minimal or nothing. It also cuts the cost of hiring new experts.

2.       Industry Experience and Experience

When a company partners up with White Label SEO, it means that the company doesn’t have to build any process and administration from the start. The service provider has good experience and expertise. The company can take advantage of the white label’s experience and expertise.

3.       Land and Expand

When a company partners up with the White Label, their success is also the agency’s success. The more and more partners come on board, it is good the agency. The collateral will provide more and more clients.

4.       Cost-effective Agency Improvement

When it comes to partnership and running a company, it is all about the margin. Depending on the markup of the company, as suggested by the white label, the company can scale its client accession, make more money, and also do not have to get tensed about hiring new SEO experts. This also cuts the cost of hiring.

White Label SEO Pricing

When a company partners up with a white label agency, it gets what it pays for. There are different models of pricing to partner up with White Label SEO. They are; Monthly SEO pricing Packages, Project-based SEO Pricing, Hourly SEO Packages and Custom Pricing. The monthly package is the most popular model. It works on a month-to-month basis. Hourly model is famous amongst freelancers and consultants. Project-based is hiring for a particular project. This also cuts the cost of hiring.