How To Maintain a FOSSE SEPTIQUE?


A fosse septique is a container located underground which is supposed to collect wastewater directly from the drains of your house. A huge number of peri – urban and rural houses are not connected to the sewer network of the city, and they rather use fosse septique to dispose of the waste water. These are made of two elements that are main and they are a tank which is used to accumulate all the waste water and a purification field or a spreading upon which all the liquids are released after being filtered through many layers of sand and gravel.

It is important that before digging a pit around your house, you get yourself educated on what it would offer, for you to make a decision that you know is best and accordingly you decide on an action for such a work. It can be very helpful to call a sanitation company because along with a perfect septic tank installment, these professionals will consider all hygiene and safety measures in order to eradicate any worry that you may have in terms of maintenance of the fosse septique for many years.

FOSSE SEPTIQUE are very important to be maintained. As and when it is installed, you should start taking steps in order to be mindful that it is working at its full capacity. You should prevent dumping dangerous substances that might create any type of problem or trouble in the pit. They should be monitored to see any unusual happening or too much collection of the liquid in the drainage or any other thing that normally does not happen.

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What to do in case of malfunction in the fosse septique?

It is important to maintain the fosse septique because it will make sure that it works properly or else it can face problems. If it faces some malfunction then you should probably call a professional to ensure proper repairs and this is precisely why today most people get in touch with sanitation companies while installing the tank. Many of them offer maintenance contracts that ensure guaranteed interventions by them if some problem is faced, as soon as possible.

At the time of some malfunction, all sewage gets pulled out after getting transferred from the main pit of access to ensure safe disposal of all liquids. The fosse septique should be pumped on a regular basis; however, there are some regulations that have to be followed depending on the area where you are located. The professionals carry with them the tools to detect any problem, thereby, solving it even before it arises.

If you see excessive liquid accumulated in the drain field, then the fosse septique is probably either broken or cracked. In this case too call the specialists as they are well aware of such situations and can solve it quickly. They give a diagnosis quickly and will find the problem. They have trained technicians and would provide the best and quick service because of it.