Best Shoulder Holster


Shoulder Holsters are primarily used to carry guns in a concealed way but still keep them pretty close to the body. Among all the holster options out there shoulder holsters are the best and the most comfortable ones because they can not only hold smaller guns but also hold larger guns like a revolver. These holsters are extremely convenient and you can remove the gun even when in a seated position. These holsters can easily conceal the firearm you’re carrying if you’re wearing a jacket or an overshirt. With this the best shoulder holster options out there are:

  • Alien Gear Shape-Shift Shoulder Holster

The name says it all, Shape-Shift. This shoulder holster has a couple of adjustable straps which lets it shapeshift and adjust according to your comfort. Much like most of the holsters out there this particular holster also comes in the choice of black and brown colours. The straps are padded with a soft sponge to make sure that using it and carrying it for long hours doesn’t strain your shoulders in any manner. The straps are not laced with leather which can cause a bit of a hindrance in places with a hot and humid temperature.

  • Aker Leather 101 Comfort Flex Shoulder Holster

This holster looks very classy and is extremely comfortable. The angle of this particular holster prevents the gun from being imprinted on your shirt. The classy shoulder holster is made up of leather and is available in black or a lot of other tanned colours as per your choice and preference.

Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster, Universal Underarm Gun Holster for Men  and Women, Fits Subcompact and Compact

  • Galco Miami Classic II

This is one of the most popular and the go-to holster for most of the people out there. It is one of the classics. This is a bit expensive holster, but it’s worth considering the high quality of its leather. The system in this holster lets you move about comfortably without any constrained form of a walk. This can be considered as one of the old school holsters out there.

  • Galco Classic Lite 2.0

If you’re in love with the Galco Miami Classic II but want a little lowkey, cheaper and more comfortable version of the same holster then the Lite 2.0 should be your go-to holster. This has a little different type of carrying setting, it is more horizontal than the other galco holster making it lighter, easier to carry and conceal.

  •  Bianchi X15

This is a vertical carry option based holster and is relatively inexpensive as well. If you’re expecting a modern variant of a holster then you will be left disappointed. This is an old school classy variant of a shoulder holster. The fit of this holster is super compact and comfortable. Drawing guns out of this holster is pretty straight and easy and even drawing out a revolver wouldn’t take much of an effort.

There are a lot of good options for you to choose among the best holsters out ther. However, it all depends on the type of shoulder holster you’re looking for. Do you want one with leather or a modern based or one with a vertical or horizontal carry option?