How To Use And Wash A Period Underwear? List All The Benefits Of Period Underwear


It is highly beneficial for you to use period underwear and replace pads, and using a cotton cloth. It is absolutely safe as well as leakproof to choose this option of wearing period underwear. When you are deciding to wear period underwear, then choosing the right brand, quality, plus size period underwear and shape matters a lot. It is also called period undies which looks exactly the same as a regular undie. But the exception part here is that it comes with an absorption property which you might not get in regular underwear. There is some extra fabric added to it through which you will avoid all the chances of leakage during a heavy flow.

How to use period underwear?

The very basic and first step to consider is wearing them and then forgetting that you have worn them. As a reason, you will not feel irritation as you experience while wearing a pad. It is very convenient as well as highly preferred for those individuals who have a heavy flow during day time and night as well. You will get worry-free during working hours because it controls and absorbs all the heavy flow from your body. It will deliver you peace of mind, and it is a safe option for you to consider.

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How to wash your period underwear?

You can use the period underwear again and again as it comes with the reusable property. But on the other instance, you might be wondering that how to wash it with proper hygiene. When you remove your period underwear, then wash it by using cold water. Run the tap and let all the dirt and blood out from the undie so that you will be able to wash it. Try to avoid using hot water for cleaning the blood because it comes with a high-tech fabric. You can also use a detergent so that all the false smell will be removed from it.

In case you want to wash it in a washing machine, then always use a laundry bag for washing period underwear. As a reason, it is very delicate to use, and the fabric is also very high-tech. After washing them, you only need to dry them and then it is all set to use again.

Benefits of using period underwear:

The ultimate benefit of using period underwear is that it will help you to clean all the clothes easily. You will not feel like you have used period underwear because wearing a pad feels so irritating. You will be able to roam anywhere, and there is no such stress of changing panties. You can use them again as they can be worn multiple times. It will also help you to prevent all the vaginal irritation as well as vulvar. It is the best underwear in terms of replacing expensive pads as well as using tampons and menstrual cups because it is convenient in use.