How to Choose the Right Leather Holster


Leather holsters are a good choice for concealed carry holsters. They fit perfectly and offer a good grip on the carry. Along with that they also provide support to the firearm when you are in motion. They are long-lasting and durable and also provide the best comfort making them a good option to consider. Therefore it is extremely important to choose the right leather holsters. But what aspects to consider when shopping for the same?

  • Rigid: High-quality holsters are made of pure leather which is usually thick and rigid from any other material and offers a good grip on the handgun. There are very rare holsters that are made from the carcasses of cattle and horses. Their skin is used to make thick leather material holsters. They offer the best quality but gain very rare to find.
  • Welt: A quality holster will have a welt. A welt is used to provide space to the holster so that it doesn’t interrupt any body movements. It adds strength and rigidity to the holster.
  • Belt fit: It is very important to consider belt fit while ordering your holster. Always wear a specific belt you will wear with it. If in case you could not find the right fit, choose an extra inch belt and adjust it according to the holster. This helps to hold the holster in place while you are moving.

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  • Retention devices: Retention devices are needed to hold the gun and give it a good grip. It is not a mandatory thing to have, but if a person is a regular gun carrier then he must have a retention device. There are many kinds of retention devices. The hammer thong, thumb break are a few choices you can pick from.
  • Lined holsters: lined holsters have a soft leather addition to the inside of the holster. It is installed to create friction in the gun. It must hold the gun more securely. It kind of gives the holster a finishing touch and does dress a holster up a bit.
  • Carving and stamping: This comes in the personal preference category. It is not a mandatory feature. Some people prefer simple raw guns whereas some wish for customized carving and stamping. It gives guns a fancy touch therefore it is quite expensive than the usual guns. Otherwise, you can keep your gun covered with plain leather.

High-quality holsters are sewn together by a quality thread. Usually, you will not find it easily. This is because it is custom made and is  together laced with rawhide, a very rugged and eye-catching method.


Holster color, stamping, carving, retention devices are all things of preference and personal taste and are not at all a part of necessary features. It varies from person to person and budget to budget. Some people like raw leather holsters, some call for some uniqueness. So it is entirely a subjective choice.

In the end, buy the best holster you can afford and which fits the budget appropriately.