Get To Know About Ring Size Chart


RING SIZE CHART is a measurement chart that will help you determine the perfect ring for your finger. Everyone is different, their body structure, shape varies from person to person. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to fit into accessories because everyone has different sizes. One of the accessories is a ring. Everyone has a different finger size therefore a bigger ring cannot fit into a smaller finger and vice versa. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to choose the proper size through the ring size chart.

There are scales and many measurement devices to measure height, length, and breadth. Similarly, one can measure the circumference of your finger through many methods and use a RING SIZE CHART to determine the exact measure. This chart is extremely helpful for you.

Measurements: The ring sizes are numbers arranged corresponding to the diameter of the ring. It is measured in millimetre, centimetre or inches. Every country determines the numbers or letters accordingly. Different countries usually follow USA, UK and European styles of RING SIZE CHART. Measurements are of various types included in the RING SIZE CHART. Those include finger circumference, ring inside diameter. This is the way you can find the chart.

There are sufficient techniques to measure. You can use a thread, string, paper, ruler, etc. The average ring size for women usually ranges from 3 to 9 and for men as their fingers are quite broad their range is size 6 to 13.

It is necessary to get the best possible fit for your finger. It looks attractive and you can gain confidence with your hand gestures. The size of your ring can be thin or thick as per your choice but if you’re going for a thick one it must be perfectly fit or it can create inconvenience. The shop or the place where you are going to buy a ring may give you a RING SIZE CHART. You must go through your measurements and remember that your measurements are going to fall differently in the USA, UK and European size charts. This can help you to determine the right size chart.

Let’s see how to measure: To measure you must use paper, thread or a string and wrap it around your finger. When it completes around the point where it meets it must be marked. Then measure the length. Finally compare it with a RING SIZE CHART. Then you can get your exact measurement. This is an appropriate way to determine your size. Once you get to know your size do check it with different countries size charts or columns. It will give you a sorted idea about your size.

As the internet offers us everything, we can buy from any brand sitting at the corner of the world. This lets us be in our comfort zone. One always faces misunderstanding regarding ring size which leads you to select the wrong sized ring. So, to avoid this misconception RING SIZE CHART is being used which guides to select the appropriate ring.