English communication: Is Hallo A Legitimate Website?


Hallo is an online teacher marketplace headquartered in the state of Utah in the United States. It began as a Facebook group to democratize English communication (영어 커뮤니케이션) learning for individuals all over the globe who did not have access to high-quality training or Native Speakers of the language.

It was decided to construct an app, which now has over 25,000 users, and to launch a web-based teaching platform in 2021. Hallo students are adults who want to improve their English to get better employment or study overseas.

They are mostly from Indonesia, India, Turkey, Egypt, and Brazil, and are between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. Hallo has 75 instructors as of August 2021, and they want to increase this number to at least 175 as they attempt to break into the South Korean ESL market in the future.

What Is The Process Of Using Hallo?

Hallo The company’s new in-house courses will take the place of the live sessions that were previously available to students who paid a subscription fee. These were released in August 2021, with the first courses covering themes like interviewing, finding dream jobs, passing examinations, and love and dating.

New courses are being produced and uploaded regularly, and new courses are being added all the time. Hallo offers the curriculum for its classes, to elicit speaking while also providing an opportunity for students to practice and enhance their fluency.

To succeed in this economy, instructors must sell themselves using the Hallo app, which is similar to Instagram. Livestreams are a good method to create a following and attract students to the courses you teach, while they do not provide a consistent source of income other than occasional gratuities.

Is It Possible To Make Money On Hallo?

Hallo offers three basic ways for instructors to earn money: through providing courses, accepting direct calls, and drawing private classes. Each approach has a varied earning potential, albeit the firm does charge a fee since it is a marketplace.

While the compensation structure at Hallo was more complicated, students were paid at varying rates based on the sort of package they had chosen (Dreamer or Aspiring). The corporation, on the other hand, seems to have simplified this (as recently updated in their FAQ page).

Now, according to Hallo, English communication lessons are held with 2-5 students, each of whom is worth US$6 an hour. The pay for courses is thus between $12 and $30 per hour, while the instructor commission is fixed at 60 percent, which means you will only get $7.20 to 18 per hour for courses.

In addition to a standard charge of $7.25 per 30-minute session, Hallo instructors may establish their pricing for private lessons beyond that base rate, however, the commission rate for these is fixed at 75 percent, so the minimum hourly rate is $10.88. (there is no upper limit if you market yourself effectively).

Direct calls may also be made using the Hallo app, which can be enabled or deactivated depending on the profile settings of the instructor using the app. If enabled, students may contact the instructor directly while they are ‘active’ and accessible on the app for a charge of $0.16 per minute or $9.60 per hour, depending on how long they are available.