Top 5 Pitfalls Of The Cat Litter Box


So you want to make your cat litter box but are worried about health issues and the chemicals contained in commercial cat litter boxes. You are concerned about your cats’ well-being and do not wish to see them put at risk. There is an alternative available that is as clean, fresh, and environmentally friendly as any commercial cat litter box on the market today.

Made from all-natural ingredients including pine tar and ceramic glazed clay, these boxes are a preferred choice by cat owners everywhere. The health risks associated with commercial cat litter are simply not present with this all-natural alternative. Here are some benefits of making your tofu cat litter box:

Owners of cats are probably not aware of the huge savings they can enjoy when they make their own safe, healthy litter boxes. Not only will you save money on vet bills, which is why so many people are now making their own at home; you will also enjoy several environmental benefits.

By making your own, you are eliminating harsh chemicals, harmful additives, and other harmful products that can greatly impact the environment. The fact that your new cat will enjoy the benefits of fresh clean litter means you will be able to enjoy them even more, and it will save money in the long run.

It is widely believed that cat-resistant glues are one of the leading causes of falls in the home; in addition to being a health risk, glues that are not biodegradable put cats and pets at risk when they become entangled and unable to free themselves.

As such, if you choose to make your own, you can easily avoid the dangers of toxic glue and replace it with a non-toxic top-entry litter box liner. The top-entry box liners are also easily biodegradable and can be reused as often as necessary. The liners are a convenient alternative that offers a more natural, safe way to remove cat messes.

Even if you consider yourself a self-sufficient homemaker, that does not mean you have time to clean out the cat box or deal with un-appreciated cat waste. Many people are under the mistaken impression that it is necessary to scoop poop, but in reality, it is simply disgusting and irritating for your kitty. To spare your carpet and furniture from unpleasant cat litter box odor, make it a habit to rake away the crumbly remains of your pet’s meal.

If you have a clump eater like a kitten, it can easily eat large clumps of feces in one feeding. When the clumps smell, your cat associates the place with a delicious odor, and will likely want to repeat the process each time it is given a clump of excrement.

Not only can the stinky remains of old cat food be bad for your carpet and furniture, but senior cats can be particularly prone to urinary problems. The presence of dried feces can lead to bacterial infections, which can lead to blockage and the formation of kidney stones.

To keep your senior cat’s bottom happy, make it a habit to run a wet/dry carpet cleaning service several times a month. In addition, adding a thin layer of pine litter or dried cat food to the bottom of his dish can prevent food chunks from becoming a potential health hazard. A visit to a vet is also in order if the problem seems to be a recurring one.