Baby Swimwear for Your Newborn Boy or Little Girl


There are many choices for baby swimwear, which can make it difficult to know which outfit is best for the children. Baby swimsuits are often one size fits all, so one size could fit the baby, but not the parents. This article goes back to fundamentals, to assist you in making a decision that will please both the new parents and their little baby. Let’s take a look at some basic advice for choosing baby swimwear.

One good starting point is to consider how long the baby will be in the water. Babies, especially newborns, cannot stay in the water for more than a few hours, so you need to decide if you are going to leave them in the water for this amount of time.

If you don’t know how long the baby will be in the water, you may want to ask a pool professional what the recommended age is for swimming. This information is important, as swimming is a healthy exercise for babies. You want to start them out when they are young, and continue to keep them active through their teen years.

Board shorts, or “tub” shorts are one type of baby swimwear that many parents purchase. Tub shorts are similar to thong shorts, except they have a skirt along the side that is attached to the shorts. There is no underwear with these shorts, so there is no protection from the wind or the cold. These are great for swimming laps during the day, and for simple fun in the pool at night.

For those parents who are shopping for what baby girl swimsuits are best, there are some basics to keep in mind. The tankini swimsuit is a very popular style, and it is great for pregnant women or those who want to minimize their baby’s growing tummy.

Tankini tops are available in sleeveless styles, with elastic waistbands to hold in the stomach area. Other great options include ruffled tankinis, and thongs. A sun protection swimsuit is a top choice for beach and pool activities, and it provides lots of coverage without a busty look.

For those parents who are interested in buying a little guy a one-piece swimsuit, there are several styles that are available. The most traditional option is a one-piece bathing suit with bottoms, which allows for plenty of coverage. Other options include tie-less bottoms, and hooded bathing suits with attached shorts. Hooded ones allow the little guy to stay warm in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

There are several stylish options that provide minimal coverage without sacrificing sun protection. Swimming trunks and tankinis are two excellent choices for baby swimsuits with built in UV rays protection. Parents can also opt for bodysuits with built-in flaps that keep baby’s arms and legs warm.