Steps To Get Started With Botto


Botto is a decentralized artist of Artificial Intelligence, designed to produce beautiful artworks over time. The algorithm is of artificial intelligence is responsible for making beautiful artworks and designs, which seems to be complex. In simpler words, Botto is an AI-based decentralized artist, which has the capabilities to transform the vision of the people into an artwork.


To become a member of the Botto community, you need to have its exclusive cryptocurrency called BOTTO. With this, you have the right to vote on different artworks and designs produced by the AI-based platform over time.

Most of the mechanisms and techniques of the platform are based on Etherium Blockchain. Therefore, if you want to participate in Botto, you have to interact with the Etheriumblockchain. For establishing this interaction, you need to have one Ethereum Wallet.


In this article, we will be discussing how you can have your ethereum wallet interact with the Algorithm of Botto. So let’s start-

To get started with your own Ethereum wallet, you need to install a browser extension called MetaMask. After downloading and successfully installing it in your browser, a new browser will open up, welcoming you to MetaMask. Click on get started to proceed forward. As you are new to the MetaMask and Ethereum ecosystem, you will need to have a MetaMask Wallet. After creating a MetaMask Wallet, you need to create a password for the security reasons of your wallet.


Along with creating a MetaMask wallet, you need to have a backup wallet. Without the backup one, you will lose all your funds, and most probably, you will not be able to back up your wallet. Therefore create a backup wallet. Also, download the secret backup phrase, as it helps you to backup your account.


After confirming your secret phrase, you are all set with your Ethereum wallet. Once done, you can add Botto tokens to your wallet using, Ethereum assets.


What is Botto?

As previously mentioned, Botto is an Artificial Intelligence, which has the capability to generate complex artworks. The AI work on the commands of the people from the community.  Every week, Botto displays a set of 50 paintings, which is combined known as ‘Series’ and individually known as ‘Fragments.’ The community members who have opted for BOTTO cryptocurrency have the right to vote on these artworks. Based on the opinions and judgments of different people, Botto diversifies its algorithm to generate more creative artworks.

One of these fragments from this series of artwork is listed on the auction conducted on SuperRare. The proceeds received from the auction are distributed among the members of the Botto community.


After listing and distributing the auction proceeds among different community members, Botto again went on work to produce a new series of artworks. This cycle continues.


As mentioned, you can join the bottom community to guide and govern its AI algorithm. You can create your MetaMask wallet to get started with the BOTTO native cryptocurrency. You can join them through Uniswap to get started.