How Did Leather Holsters Originate?


Whenever a new product that serves the public’s interest is developed, accessories that can enhance the experience of the product follow. When guns and firearms of different shapes and sizes got developed and came into the market for the use of policemen, army members, and security officials, holsters were only made with plain black leather. They were not the most comfortable leather holsters, they were just there to serve a purpose.

From 1776 to 1885, smaller and sleeker pistols rose in demand. Guns like the Cold Government came into fame and slowly many households started to keep these weapons. Some kept them for hunting while some carried them for self-preservation.  Of course, as the market for guns grew, the market for leather holsters grew as well. Why just leather holsters one might ask, that’s because leather holsters are the most sturdy, stable, and long-lasting holsters. Since so many wanted leather holsters now, they wanted it to match their style as well.

Leather craftsmen saw this rise in demand for leather holsters as an opportunity and started manufacturing beautiful, designers holsters that were not only smarter to look at but also more functional. These leather holsters served the purpose of protecting the gun when not in use from someone who might try to steal it, pick it out, and prevent the gun from falling. Guns and pistols can be heavy weapons despite their small size and when not in use, it is best to keep them tucked somewhere and go hands-free. This also lead the leather dealers to make holsters that came with different levels of comfortability and compactness. As the market grew, the competition rose which turned out in the public’s favor as now everyone was trying to build more unique designs that allowed easy access to the gun.

Types of leather holsters.

Inside the waistband holsters or IWB are the holsters that go on the inside of the waistband towards the skin. These kinds of holsters are best for concealment when it is not ideal to show people that you own a weapon. Often security officials use this type of holster when they are going on a mission to conceal their identity.

Outside the waistband holsters or OWB are the leather holsters that rest on the belt of someone’s pants. They have a larger flap for concealment and are best when one is carrying a larger gun that is semiautomatic. They hold the gun or pistol securely to a body, come in various styles and designs, and prevent any imprinting of one’s coat and shirt.

Whenever one is sitting or bending down, something at the waist like inside the waistband holsters and outside the waistband holsters can dig into the skin and cause bruising, pain, and injury of the skin. This is where shoulder leather holsters come in handy, they can be strapped onto the back with harnesses that are flexible and provide easy withdrawal whenever required. One can also take the holster out and hang it on a hook or a coat rack whenever required.