Goros – The Extraordinary Japanese Brand


The rich history, culture, and craftsmanship relating to this brand make every piece of goro’s feather extraordinary. The Japanese brand has a native American history. The sole business outlet store is located in japan. The store is directly managed where the products are available. The store was originally established in Komagome then moved to Aoyama and then to Harajaku. The store has been thriving for 40 years.

Even after the passing away of the founder in 2013, his successors have taken over and continue to maintain his brand and legacy. The strong brand ethos allows the employees to reject selling to a customer if they think the product won’t suit the customer. This expresses the valuable nature of the products and the legendary charisma of Goro Takahashi.

The Native American History

The founder of the brand, Goro Takahashi received his leatherwork and silver craftsmanship education from the native american tribes. The lakota tribe in dakota titled him a “yellow eagle”. Most of the inspiration from Goro’s feather design is derived from the experiences goro had from the Lakota tribe. The lakota tribe liked the charisma, dreams, and personality of Goro Takahashi and allowed him to participate in the “sun dance” ritual. The sacred ritual is not usually performed with non-tribal individuals. He also learned silver engraving from other american native communities along the way.

When he returned to japan, Goro Takahashi became the first japanese to be officially sanctioned for Native American Style silversmithing. The founder of goros discovered a growing demand for american silver jewelry and decided to supply for that demand. Since he already had expert silver craftsmanship, he was creating and selling silver accessories. The brand only spread through word of mouth. Goros focuses on personal attention and only sells its pieces to worthy customers.

The Products Of Goros

Most of the goros’ products are based on the central idea of the native feather of the yellow eagle. It was inspired by the yellow eagle title of the founder. The most renowned jewelry pieces are the goro’s feather jewelry pieces. Goros provides a variety of handmade and high-quality products made from gold, turquoise, leather, and beads. The brand is best known for its silver goro’s feather pieces. Belts, buckles, rings, bracelets, and pendants are made from different materials. All the types of products can be bought from goros store or through resellers and dealers.

How You Can Buy Goro’s Feather Products

Buying goros feather products is not as easy as buying anything else. Goros products are granted to worthy customers only and the staff can refuse to sell the products if the product wouldn’t suit you. There is usually a long line of hundreds of customers waiting to buy the products. Only a few get the opportunity to get their hands on the goros feather jewelry piece. Now, you can easily buy Goro’s feather products from resellers and dealers. Chrome world is a trusted and famous website where you can easily buy Goro’s feather jewelry pieces.