Best Mole Removal Treatments from Curamed


Moles are a common thing for everyone. These are a cluster of pigmented cells on the skin. Moles can either be cancerous or noncancerous. The latter is nothing to worry about. But cancerous moles are an alarming case and need proper attention.

Before we get into the best mole removal treatments available, have a look at the different types of moles for a better understanding.

Benign – noncancerous and harmless. Most moles on our body fall under this category only.

Dysplastic – can be cancerous. Irregular-shaped large moles occurring due to heredity.

Congenital – we are born with these moles. These have hair growing on the mole and have a high risk of becoming cancerous.

Why is mole removal required? 

A mole can either be malignant or benign. A benign mole is a healthy one and is symmetrical. It doesn’t grow in size and remains in the same color. However, a malignant mole is asymmetrical and leads to skin cancer. These moles grow up to 8mm in diameter and come in different shapes and colors.

Benign moles are easy to conceal and fall off on their own over time. Malignant moles are cancerous and harmful. Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma, etc., are some common cancers caused by malignant moles. So, they need proper removal as soon as possible.

Mole Removal Treatments: 

Moles are harmless in most cases, as mentioned above. But most people consider removing them through aesthetic procedures. Before beginning the procedure, a skin specialist thoroughly examines the moles and decides the appropriate treatment. Some best mole removal treatments are as follows:

  • Excision 

It is also known as cutting. In this case, the specialist removes the moles along with a part of the skin underneath the mole. Local anesthesia is injected so that the process is not painful. Special surgical scissors and scalpels are used for removing the moles.

  • Shaving 

Here, the moles are shaved off after giving local anesthesia. This process is easy and painless. You might observe a pink patch after the mole removal process.

  • Laser 

The laser removal technique is generally preferred if the mole comes in areas like the ears. These areas are hard to reach, and so, laser radiations are shone on such areas for mole removal. This process removes numerous moles at once.

  • Plasma Skin Technology 

Another prevalent treatment for mole removal is cauterization or plasma skin technology. Here, high-frequency energy waves are sent to the moles to disintegrate the cells. The cells divide and die, causing the mole to vanish. It is easy and leaves minimal scars.

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