Options for listing a home fast


With the sell my house Philadelphia, the following are some of the options that they will use for listing your home quickly:

Sell as-is

When you sell your home as-is, it denotes that, you are not going to spend time making repairs. What the buyer will see is what they will get. Chances are that the buyer might request you do an inspection but it is possible for your agent to set the expectations that there will be no major repairs that will be made. When you sell a house as-is, you should be ready to accept a lower sale price as you would in case you had completed some maintenance and updates before you listed.

Inspect and disclose everything

Another option for having to sell as-is is to ensure that you complete a disclose everything and a pre-inspection report found on the inspection report. Again, you are likely going to get a lower price but the agent can ensure to position your home as a great opportunity for flippers, investors, or those out looking for a fixer upper opportunity.

Complete home improvement

Most buyers tend to be okay with a home which requires certain cosmetic fixes. If your budget and time tend to be limited, you should consider to put more effort into the most important items for home improvement – the points which are sticking out which are likely going to kill the deal. Molds, foundation damage, leaks, or replacement of the furnace are just some of the few examples.

Alternatively, you can decide to focus most of you time on the renovation ideas which are most cost-effective. They fall under the category of having to spruce up. They are known to go a long way in improving the home curb appeal, which can make a great difference to the buyers.

Selling home fast without having to complete repairs

To sell to an investor or a cash buyer is another option that you can use so that you skip the level of renovation to your home, and even go ahead and bypass the process of listing. The house can be bought directly in cash after you are able to answer a few questions regarding your home and an evaluation of your home can be arranged at no cost at all.

Important improvements for the home to finish before listing

If you are out looking to get a price which is better for your home as compared to the one for the as-is, then you need to consider having to tackle the big-ticket items which buyers are concerned about.

You have to remember that, for majority of buyers, a good portion of their cash which is available goes to the down payment, so a home which requires immediate work might be out of reach for them.

But if you can be able to take care of the basic improvements, you might be in a position of asking for a higher price for the home, covering the upgrade costs with your list price while at the same time, making it attractive to more people who want to buy.