Benefits Of taking Online Drum Lessons


What exactly are online drum lessons? These are instructional lessons in the fine art of percussion and drumming by a qualified professional in the front and with accompanying videos as the primary venue for teaching (i.e. classroom or music room based). Many of these courses are accompanied by a series of live shows, featuring up-and-coming drummers alongside established ones.

There are two primary ways in which to partake of these live drum lessons: either via a personal teacher or via an online program hosted by a private tutor. There is a difference between the teacher-based and the private online lessons, primarily in terms of methods and materials used. Private online drum lessons are often conducted over video conference, allowing the teacher to see and hear the student’s performance at a different venue than the one he normally teaches in. While there are many advantages to this arrangement, the primary benefit is cost. Private one-on-one drum lessons cost much less than teachers who provide the service via private lessons.

However, the primary drawback of private online lessons is that the teacher is not able to give private feedback to his/her student regarding skill development or improvements. It is difficult to know whether a student has improved, for how long, or how quickly. In some cases, a personal teacher may be able to spot a definite improvement, but it is an intangible one: the improvement is not quantitative but qualitative. While some teachers and private drum instructors benefit from teaching their students how to play faster and better, others feel that teaching is the best way to get the most out of students.

The benefits of Online Drum Lessons include the opportunity to learn to use a microphone accurately and comfortably, even if it is for the first time. Microphones help to capture and transmit the sound of the drums. Before the age of electronic recording devices, drummers learned to handle their drums with their hands, and needed special “accoustic” microphones that were uncomfortable and required a lot of “wires” to stay connected. For that reason, drummers still generally prefer to use microphones; even professional drum teachers use microphones to record their teaching sessions.

The benefits of online drum lessons include the possibility to see and hear the best drummers in action. Seeing these best drummers live can help to make the learning process much easier, because they will appear on screen. Watching someone play drums can help to reinforce the concepts being taught, since the sight and sound of a professional performing can be very inspiring. A teacher with more experience can provide feedback to student players, as well, which can also facilitate learning. Some teachers use video cameras to make the experience more personal and real, and the recorded material can be used as reference materials.

Another key advantage of online drum lessons is that they are often much cheaper than lessons that are available through traditional venues such as music stores or local studios. In many cases, online lesson materials are provided for free, since students do not need to pay to be seen.