3 Best Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business


Social media marketing provider is a platform that gives room for global communication. Communication can be a live chat, business conversation, a friendly talk, or even a church sermon. Almost everything off late has been digitalized and communication and other activities can be done via social media.

Some of the platforms that are widely used for communication and marketing services include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube among other sites. However, studies show that Facebook is inundated with people from all walks of life, doing their businesses via Facebook to reach a multitude of people.

How do you market on Facebook?

Small businesses have decided to go openly on Facebook to carry out their marketing campaigns. It doesn’t mean, since tons of people are flooded on Facebook, you can walk a day and start carrying out your marketing campaign too.

No, and I mean NO.

Every platform has its banes and boons to execute your marketing campaigns. How you carry out your marketing campaign in LinkedIn might be entirely different from how you do it on Instagram and Pinterest.  A rule of thumb is a cornerstone of this platform.

Therefore, if you have an account on Facebook trying to do your marketing campaigns for your small business but all is in vain, don’t worry, you are not alone. Even big brands fail to grab the intricacies of Facebook marketing.

In this article, you won’t be fed with lots of data about other platforms of marketing, since Facebook Is a big site but poorly used; I’ve compiled 3 cheap social media marketing strategies to implement for a better return on investment.

Below are the proven and verified tips used by social media experts to market their brand online?

  1. Goal determination
  2. Use of images
  3. Use of relevant videos

Goal Determination

Before you turn to your marketing advertising struggles, it is vital to determine the goals of your marketing campaign. Without a goal in marketing is like pushing an old Toyota without reams.

You’ll ever be stuck in one place. The same applies to the market. Some of your goals might be, to drive traffic, for brand recognition, for a high return of investment, or to convert leads into customers.

Without such laid down plans, you will be involved in a bind marketing campaign on social media that will result in banes. Therefore, you have to re-evaluate your goal daily to meet your content specifications.

Use of Images

Aristotle once said, ‘the soul functioning of a mind is an image.”

When you use images in your Facebook account, you’ll attract several people to view your post. And remember, not just image, but attractive images that will leave no one with a choice but to click and read more about it.

Therefore, try to use attractive images with a good sense of touch conveying the same message your content is up to or your brand name.

Use of Relevant Videos

Apart from using videos to attract customers in your social media platform, videos are in the limelight too. People are creating animation videos describing their brands and services.

The sound, images, and the quality of your videos will still facilitate the success of your business. Through this, small businesses are now in a position to carry out a marketing campaign on Facebook using videos. By keeping mind the quality, sound, and the content in the video will be an add on to your marketing strategy.


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You can try to use some of the above methods in your Instagram platform; I bet careful examination of the tips will lead to positive outcomes in your business.