Frequently asked questions on dental implants


What is meant by dental implantation?

Dental implantation is the act of placing an artificial root made of metal or alloys in the place of a damaged tooth root to place an external tooth. If you do dental implant surgery, you would feel like you did not lose your teeth. There will be more comfort to do activities like eating, speaking, and much more. The attractive part of dental implantation is that most of the implants will not be visible to others. Your artificial teeth will also look like natural teeth. However, it is necessary to choose a reliable dentist for the process.

What is the process of dental implantation?

    • If you are a  , you can search for colts neck dentist in Google to get the results of the best dentists in your locality who can do dental implantation.
    • Once you find one, you should fix an appointment.
    • He will check the strength and stability of your jawbone and list out the different options of implantation that are possible.
    • You can select the type you wish.
    • He will provide anesthesia to the portion of implantation and start the process.
    • If it is an endosteal implant, he will place a scree-like structure into your jawbone.
    • Based on your jawbone health, he will place the artificial tooth at that instant or will ask you to come for a second visit after some days.
    • A subperiosteal implant will do the same below the gums instead of the jawbone.

Why should you do dental implantation?

If you are having a decayed tooth or a damaged tooth, you should consider dental implantation because of the following reasons,

  • To eat your favorite by properly chewing and biting without any issues with your dentures.
  • To taste cool ice creams or chocolates without sensitivity issues with your tooth.
  • Speak with confidence without the fear of exposing your damaged tooth to the listeners.
  • Improve your facial aesthetics and look smarter.
  • Glorify your decayed tooth by replacing it with high-end metals like gold.
  • Avoid discomfort while you speak or eat due to the mobility of dentures as the implants will not move.
  • Have overall comfort in your face and mouth.
  • Do not mind about removing or cleaning your tooth-set.
  • Match the discoloration of your teeth with the same color of an artificial crown.
  • Hide any deformation in your tooth by selecting a suitable crown.

What is meant by endosteal implantation?

Endosteal dental implantation is the process of implanting a screw root inside the jawbone of the patient to build a support system for the artificial tooth. Your jawbone should be strong enough to support this type of implantation. The cylindrical endosteal method will use screws to hold the prosthetic, while the blade method will have a titanium piece to do the work of holding the artificial tooth. The endosteal method of dental implantation is the most used method as most of the patients will have stronger jawbones that are capable of supporting the process without any issues.