The Hong Factory- Custom Jewelry Manufacturer


The Hong Factory, established in 1971, has experience of 48 years as a jewelry manufacturer and as a wholesale jewelry seller. The company provides all kinds of customized jewelry.

These products include everyday silver jewelry to high-value jewelry. The company has a total of 500 hired employees. The Hong Factor specializes in plain silver, sterling silver with cubic zirconia (CZ), and marcasite jewelry, including all kinds of silver finishing starting from Rhodium plating finish to Oxidized finish. The customized Wholesale Jewelry products they make are popular among all the shops in Thailand.

Where Did They Got Inspired From

Jewelry customization is an artistic process. It needs creative imagination to design any jewelry product. The Hong Factor begins the process of customized jewelry manufacturing with a meeting, where they will get each and every detail about your imagination and requirement. Their team is very dedicated to their work. They can create a detailed hand illustration from a simple sketch of the design you provided.

Sketching Of Designs

The employees excel in designing wholesale jewelry. If you provide them a simple sketch of the design you want, they can create a beautiful design out of it. They will provide a catalog of designs. Out of the others, you can select one and add your customizations. They will listen to your comments and accordingly add adjustments. 

3D Modeling Of Designs

Hong Factory uses computer design software for designing. The jewelry artists of the company hand build the designs a go for 3D modeling to get your review and approval. You will be able to view the design from all directions and every angle. You can make the necessary changes accordingly. The product will look exactly how you desired.

Wax Model

After the 3D modeling of your design, the next step is wax carving. After finalizing the 3D model of your design, a wax model of your design is made. The 3d model file transferred to a milling machine will cut out the wax model. A print of this 3D model can create a replica of your product as the wax model.

Approval Of The Wax Model

The last step is the approval of the wax model. You can look at the wax model for the last time before the casting process. Remember to handle the wax model carefully. Every detail of your customized jewelry is easily visible on the wax model. You can finalize the design after making the necessary changes to the product.

The Hong Factory tries to satisfy every possible need of its client. From the jewelry design to the delivery pricing, everything is as per the expectation of the customer. There is no doubt about its popularity. People like their services very much. It is a very reputed company among other fellow wholesale jewelry companies of Thailand. Their delivery facility is the best. They hardly charge for any delivery irrespective of heavy weight or light weight. Buying jewelry products from such a reputed wholesale jewelry store is very safe.