Different Types Of Waterproof Cable Gland


A waterproof cable gland is a very important device used to assist in the connection of electrical cables in electronic enclosures. This kind of cable gland helps to maintain the watertight seal in which the electrical cable enters the enclosure. This consists of a metallic body and a threaded nut. The two bodies are generally made of metal or plastic; however, plastic is more preferable for aesthetic purposes. Plastic cable glands come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

The waterproof cable gland serves to prevent electrical cables from becoming wet and thereby corroding the cable. This body keeps the cables dry at all times and thus facilitates better performance. As a result, one will not be subjected to sudden failures due to water or electrical problems. Plastic tubing that have been utilized in the manufacture of this device are usually galvanized or plated to prevent corrosion.

There are different kinds of plastic cable glands available in the market. You can either choose the most preferred tube or the tube that best suits your needs and requirements. However, before buying the cable glands, it is essential to ensure that they will serve their purpose and provide you with the expected results. The following are some of the plastic cable glands available in the market:

Another variety of waterproof cable gland that is widely used in the market is the long thread kind. The long thread kind is often employed in industrial applications, especially those that require long cable runs. The PVC coated steel, aluminium or iron materials used in the manufacture of these kinds of long thread conduits are often galvanized or plated to prevent corrosion.

Another variety of waterproof cable gland types are the short thread varieties. These kinds of pipes are often used in plumbing applications. The materials that are employed for the manufacture of the short threads are typically stainless steel or polyvinyl chloride. If you are looking for a more durable pipe, then the PVC coated pipes are most ideal for you. These kinds of pipes also come with the option of having the heat-resistant properties, which makes them even more suitable to use in industrial areas. However, you need to make sure that the pipe that you are going to use is capable of withstanding higher temperatures.

The last among the different types of pipes that are utilized for sealing are the electrical seals. Electrical seals are commonly utilized in electrical field applications because they help to prevent seepage of the hazardous fluids or the vapors, which are often contaminated in electrical pipes. Moreover, they also prevent leakage of gaseous chemical substances, which might otherwise find their way to the interior of your building.