What Is The Main Features Of Motor Traders Insurance?


Whether you are a dealer or a private owner, motor traders insurance should be part and parcel of your business. The risks are too great for any business, let alone one where the majority of your profits come from a motor trade. There is a variety of insurance policies available and you can benefit from these in order to protect both yourself and your business.

Motor Trade Insurance provides cover for loss or damage to vehicles whilst on your premises. Understanding this type of cover is vital to your business; if you have a premises which is open to the public, then you need to check whether this type of cover provides you with peace of mind. If you use your vehicles on a private road, then you will need to check to see if you are protected by third party liability insurance. Third party liability coverage protects you for injury or damage to other people and other property whilst you are on your premises, but this provides protection only to you, your customer and any employees.

Another type of insurance that is important when it comes to protecting your business is public liability insurance. Public liability insurance protects you against claims that occur from customers or clients who have an accident whilst they are on your premises. The main benefits of this type of policy are protection from claims relating to injuries, damage to properties and customers’ vehicles. It also provides cover for damage caused to public infrastructure. This can include damage to bridges, roads or buildings. Many car dealerships are covered up to a level of legal limit in the UK, but you should always check the legal minimums.

One of the most common types of motor traders insurance covers available is the combined policy. This type of policy is usually provided for a number of different vehicles that you might be managing at one time. Examples of elements of a combined policy could be a fleet of vehicles, garages or workshops. For example, garages can be included within motor vehicle traders insurance covers so that if your business had one, then you would be protected against damage to garages that were caused as a result of customers hitting their vehicles.

However, it is the motor traders insurance that provides cover for customers or clients who are using garages to repair their cars or vehicles when they are not on their own property. As you can imagine, garages can be particularly risky areas that can pose a number of risks for customers who are repairing or installing engines onto their cars. As well as third party liability protection, there may also be additional benefits included within the policy. Some of these benefits could include risk pay for businesses that lose money through customers damaging their vehicles, provision of public place protection and the cost of liability cover.

These are just a few of the specific features that a good policy for the motor trade industry provides. Because these businesses are exposed to a number of risks and consequently have a number of unique issues, they are required to take additional and specialist cover for these risks. Third party liability cover provides protection and peace of mind for businesses but there are other features that provide extra protection as well and these include Public Place Liability and Garage Door Replacement Protection. All insurance providers will take into account what risks the business is required to take and work within their guidelines and conditions to provide the ideal protection for all.