Tracing the History of Chrome Hearts


Chrome Hearts is clothing and accessories line that was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2006 by Johnny Love. The brand name Chrome Hearts comes from the chrome heart valve of his father who died due to complications with diabetes. Chrome hearts started off as a small underground street wear brand but has since grown into an internationally recognized fashion label. This blog post will give you more information about how this company came to be, what it sells, and where one can buy chrome hearts online.

– Chrome hearts came into existence in 2006 as a small underground street wear brand.

– In 2009, Johnny Love teamed up with the clothing company Black Scale to create an exclusive line of clothes for them called Chrome Hearts Black Label.

– Although the original name is still used today by many people who don’t know what it means (the origins are explained at length on their website), other names have been adopted over time including “Love x Hate” and “Heartbreaker”. The latter being more recognizable due to its use throughout much of their marketing campaigns since 2015.

– Today they sell everything from t-shirts and hats, to hoodies and jackets. They also have accessories like wallets, sunglasses, shoes, and more.

-Chrome hearts have also collaborated with many different popular musicians and artists such as Kid Cudi, Rihanna, G Eazy, Suga Free, Juicy J. – The company has grown so much in the past decade that it is now available for purchase worldwide.

Where one can buy chrome hearts online

– One can purchase Chrome Hearts online at their website as well as other retailers including Urban Outfitters and Barneys New York.

Tips to buy chrome hearts

– Look at the quality of material used

– Check for customer reviews about it

– Make sure that you buy from a reputable seller

– Read the return policies of chrome hearts

– Chrome Hearts does not have a trial period.

– The company offers free shipping and returns within 30 days, with an additional charge for international customers.

– If you are considering returning your purchase it is important to take pictures before doing so as they must be unaltered photos depicting all angles of the product that was sent back (including the inside).

– Returns can only be made if there has been significant damage or misrepresentation by Chrome Hearts to qualify for a full refund. They do not offer exchanges but will provide store credit or a check instead. You may also get reimbursed some amount out of pocket expenses incurred when we deliver replacement items such as freight charges and handling fees.

– If you are a customer with an order placed on the website and would like to return it, please follow these steps:

– Make sure that your item is eligible for exchange under our Returns Policy before proceeding with the process below.

-It is important to buy from reputable sellers as some products are counterfeit ones which may give poor quality material used in making them. When purchasing from an online seller it is more difficult to check if they are reputable so it might be worth asking around first among friends who could have bought from them before.