How to have Insurance of Impound vehicles?


Seized vehicle insurance is available in two forms, long-term and short-term. Long-term insurance is typically the most cost effective and is what most people tend to go for. Long-term seized vehicle insurance is purchased for either a year of 30 days or the nearest shorter term seizure period that will be the maximum that most impound vehicles will accept. If you need to handle your vehicle being seized for an extended period of time, then keep these important points in mind:

How do police agencies seize a vehicle back? Police are often called in to seize vehicles because of damage, vehicle theft or expired registration plates. The impound cars are then taken to a central impound warehouse where they are inspected, and impounded vehicles are placed here until they are either sold or donated. Most auctions of seized vehicles offer long-term insurance at a significant savings compared to the price of short-term policies. If the surplus value of your car is less than the amount you are paying monthly, then you are better off buying long-term insurance and keeping up the payments.

Is there any way to get lower premiums? Most insurers are able to offer discounts to those drivers who maintain good driving records over a period of time. However, if you have had several traffic violations within a three-year period, this may also qualify you for a demerit point. It is not unusual for many seized vehicle insurance brokers to offer very low premiums to those drivers with light traffic offenses or no points against their name. In fact, many specialists believe that the majority of seized vehicle auctions result in lower premiums for those that are willing to shop around.

Who is the insurer for a police impound vehicle? Some automobile insurers actually specialize in insuring police seizures. Police agencies tend to acquire large numbers of impounded vehicles because of the high cost of storing them until either they are sold or donated. Although it would be beneficial for any driver to purchase insurance from an insurer that specializes in seized vehicle sales, it may be difficult to locate an insurer willing to work with law enforcement agencies.

Is my automobile safe if I am involved in a police chase? A seized vehicle auction contains a wide variety of makes and models. Not all vehicles involved in police chases will necessarily be unsafe. If your insurance provider is not selling a specific make and model of vehicle that is involved in a police chase, it may be helpful to request that your insurer purchase a policy directly through the impound unit.

How do I find out about towing rates? The easiest way to compare prices from various towing companies is by visiting their websites. Most police impound units allow customers to access their online database of current prices. Customers can choose which towing company they would like to schedule a towing job with and obtain a quote for the towing charges. This is often the most convenient way for people to obtain this type of information. You can also obtain an idea of what types of policies are available from your local police department.