Let’s dive into the world of comics!


Have you ever read a comic book or maybe a novel with graphic visuals? No? Then, has your grandma ever told you stories in your childhood? Refreshed your memories right? To revive them you can go and buy one of the Best Graphic Novels and get yourself the same old feeling of nostalgia.

However, these graphic novels are not only about some superheroes anymore, who would be fighting the villain to save the world!It could also be about the slice of life, it could be fictional with the main character having some sort of supernatural powers or non-fictional too like about elementary school kid life which are much closer to reality.

Or in other words, these are just stories or a novel in picturized format. Even a biography has been published in the form of a Graphic Novel. Graphic novels are clearly different from text-novels. In graphic novels its pictures/images are what is responsible for presenting most of the story with bubbles depicting the dialogues. It is pretty interesting and interactive to look at because we understand something better when we see it. And with the graphics involved in the comic books, you can imagine almost everything the writer wants to say.

Have you ever wondered how in the world the term ‘graphic novel’ originated?

In 1978, An artist Will Eiser introduced this term in order to win an appointment opportunity with a big publisher who might have had refused if he talked of comics. Graphic novels are a little different from ‘Comic books’,

  • Graphic novels are lengthier than novels. A comic is something about a short story or a part of a big story, whereas in a graphic novel everything about the characters, the plot line or the background of the story Will be described.
  • Graphic novels cover a large range of genres and subjects, comics does that too but comics are generally commuted with superheroes or mythical characters.
  • Graphic novels have completed stories within it, hence the published sequences can be read in shuffled, that is the volumes are unrelated to each other, while comics are generally serialized you will have to go sequentially.

A cool fact!!

Japan is the place where anime and mangas both originated which are popular worldwide and translated versions could be found in quite a number of languages while having quite a number of genres too.

Italy also produces comic books called ‘fumetti’. Here we can find that anime are closer to comics while mangas are aligned more closely to ‘Graphic Novels’.

So that’s all we have to say here about comic books and graphic novels, but there is a lot more. you don’t know the fun you’re missing until you try it.

Hence, if you find these things interesting, you can go to your nearby comic book store and you can find a wide range of graphic novels and comics available there. all you need to do is they go to your favorite genre and get started.