Factors to consider for steady growth on IG


Other than socialization, Instagram has proven to be a necessary tool businesses rely on to market themselves today. It is only ideal you have quality followers in huge numbers for you to enjoy the attention that it has to give today. A lot of people today are fast to consider to get real followers for instagram and do very little to earn quality followers organically. There are numerous hacks that one can use to promote their IG account growth without spending a dime and discussed below are some of the hacks you should know today.

Is your account optimized?

One thing most people do not know how to use to their advantage is the bio link provided after you set up your Instagram account. You are supposed to make sure that you optimize not just your profile but bio too for the new potential followers that will come looking. Your Bio must be descriptive and catchy to grab the attention of the viewer and make them follow you.  You can also use the bio link in addition to the link to your website to increase the amount of traffic you get through sharing.

Involve brand experts and influencers

There are successful Instagram accounts in your niche that already have the numerous followers you are hoping for. Since you are in one line of operation, you can reach out to them to find out whether or not they can assist you bring some light to your account. Very few of these influencers will say no but that will mean having the right quality of posts and captioning to intrigue the attention of their followers. They can share posts from your account on their account and even encourage the followers they have to check you out and follow your account.

Be careful about buying followers

This is a common shortcut for newbies using Instagram. It is not safe to say Instagram approves of purchasing followers however this technique has worked so far. You can purchase varying quality of followers based on the budget you have set. It is only ideal you avoid the fake or spam follower that will not bring any traffic to your account. Purchasing quality and active followers will cost you a little extra but isn’t it worth it when you are getting all the likes and engagements on your posts than when you rely on dormant audience for your progress.

Promote your account outside Instagram

There are numerous uses for social media today than there were a few years back. Initially, people only used Instagram for socializing and showing off their lifestyles however there is more to it now. When on IG, you can market your account on other platforms like LinkedIn, your official website, YouTube and other social media platforms. When you share the link to your profile on other avenues, you increase chances of driving new traffic to your account which could easily become your new followers if your account and bio had been optimized as needed.